How To Unclog a Drain With a Clog Deep in the Line

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A clogged drain is one of those inevitable frustrations you will encounter if you remain in the same house, apartment or condominium long enough. Ordinarily, drain clogs can be taken care of just by physically reaching down into the pipe and removing the clog--or by applying a drain-cleaning liquid of some kind. Some clogs, however, are just plain out of reach. These clogs need to be cleared with a plumber's snake--sometimes called an auger. Fortunately, using an auger is not difficult, and will clear up all but the most stubborn clogs.


Step 1

Remove the drain cap.

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Step 2

Push the auger down into the drain and begin turning the auger handle clockwise as it goes. You may need to adjust your grip on the snake as it is fed into the pipe.

Step 3

Push the auger firmly into the clog when you encounter it in the drain pipe. Continue turning the handle as you do so.


Step 4

Pull the auger back to break apart the clog, then push it forward again. Keep turning the handle during this process. Repeat this several times to ensure you are dislodging the blockage from the pipe walls.

Step 5

Pull the auger back out of the pipe completely. Position the bucket underneath the drain--if applicable--to catch the parts of the clog that the auger pulls back with it.



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