If You've Ever Purchased an Anthropologie Monogrammed Mug, We Need to Talk

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Over the past few years or so, I have received no less than four of Anthropologie's insanely popular monogrammed mugs. You know the ones — a white (or black) square-edged mug with a stylized letter on one side. Each one of those K-adorned mugs I received was as wonderful as the last, but it certainly begs the question: Did I miss some kind of gift-giving convention where Marie Kondo declared that mug as the ultimate joy-bringer?


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Listen, I don't mean to sound ungrateful — they are an adorable, personalized gift for all kinds of friends, family members, teachers, and neighbors that can be picked up in a flash. I understand why they have become a universal go-to.

But, before I receive one more as a gift, I need to get something off my chest: The handle is. way. too. small. Like unusably small.

Honestly, who can actually use this handle? I'd like to meet them and shake their Thor-like strength-filled index fingers. I know I could just not use the handle in favor of holding the mug with two hands, like I'm a character in a Nancy Meyers movie, snuggled up in a gorgeous Hamptons home contemplating my love life. But here's the thing: Why can't I have the option to do both?

I'd like to speak to Anthropologie's Chief Mug Officer and explain that it'd be nice to choose between Nancy Meyers-ing my way through a hot cup of tea or using the handle to avoid a too-hot mug. I even have an example for what kind of mug I'd like and, spoiler alert, it already exists on Anthropologie's website!

The brand's monogrammed mug inventory extends beyond the classic white-and-black small-handled mug to include not one, but TWO monogrammed mugs, both with stunning wide-gripped handles. First up, we have the Tiled Margot Monogram Mug, which features French bistro-style tilework and a beautifully curved handle that would easily fit a normal-sized hand. Anthropologie also has the gorg blue-and-white Folksong Monogram Mug — my personal fave — which features a folksy, floral print that has an almost homemade feel to it. (You know, if you were an expert ceramicist and painter and could replicate that print at home.) The handle is huge and round and even bigger than the Tiled Margot handle.

Whichever one you like more, we can all agree that the handle is more realistic, right? So, let's make a pact — from here on out, we will all agree to choose between the Margot and Folksong for our next round of mug-gifting, OK?


Tiled Margot Monogram Mug, $12

Folksong Monogram Mug, $12