10 Valentine's Day Cards for Adults Because We All Need Some Love This Year

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We know Valentine's Day can seem cheesy and commercial, but during such a turbulent time why not reach out to the ones you love? That can be the person you've been quarantining with; the friend on the opposite coast you haven't seen in a while; or the family member you miss.


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We rounded up a few Instagram-worthy cards to help you brighten someone's day via snail mail.

1. Rifle Paper Co. Galentine's Day Card, $5

Let's hear it for friendship, yes? Remind the people in your group chat that you're thinking of them with this sweet card.


2. Our Heiday My Forever Valentine Card, $5

Simple and to the point, this greeting card is perfect for gifting to your long-time S.O.


3. Em & Friends Gift to Humanity Card, $5

This card works for anyone that you want to genuinely compliment.


4. Ludi Leiva Thinking of You Card, $4.50

Another sweet card that's perfect for either the romantic or platonic relationship in your life that you want to nurture.


5. Rifle Paper Co. Wild About You Card, $5

Send this to the person you've been crushing on for a while now.


6. Lovely Earthlings Ride in Your Swimsuits Card (set of 5), $20

Miss those summer days with friends? Remind them of sweet memories with this lovely little card.


7. Poketo You're My Favorite Card, $5

Getting one of these in the mail is bound to make someone smile.


8. Lark Press I'm Stuck on You Card, $6.25

Because the couple that puns together, stays together.

9. Worthwhile Paper Sending You All My Love Card, $5

No matter the reason, Valentine's Day is a good excuse to just send some love, as this card puts it.

10. People I've Loved Sweetheart Card, $6

Great for the S.O. that wants to be bold in their affection.