Real Estate Dreamin': Nashville

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Welcome to Real Estate Dreamin': where we browse property listings across the nation to see what we're missing out on. After all, Hunker is based in LA, where homeownership basically feels impossible without a spare million (the median home price here is 200% over the national average), so we spend a lot of time thinking about why we even live here in the first place. Today, we're visiting Nashville to see what's within an attainable budget (according to LA standards) ... and we'll end with one super-buy. You know, for when we do actually win the lottery.


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$325,000: 2-bed, 1.5-bath in Midtown

This townhome is only 1.5 miles from downtown and, while it's a new build, attempts to feel older with wood exterior cladding and moldings around windows and doors. While we don't love wall-to-wall carpeting in the bedrooms, the main space features an interesting mix of materials that combine farmhouse and industrial aesthetics.

$449,900: 2-bed, 1-bath loft close to Downtown

This is cool: Turns out, this apartment is in a building that was once a Civil War-era tobacco barn. Now it's home to chic, industrial condos. The building comes with a pool and hot tub as well as a gym.


$519,000: 3-bed, 1-bath in Waverly-Belmont

You won't find a ton of actually affordable homes in the historic Waverly-Belmont neighborhood — but this three bedroom brick Victorian is reasonably priced. There's an impressive back yard and we're especially loving the checkered floor of the laundry room.

$599,900: 3-bed, 3-bath in Salemtown

Super close to trendy Germantown, this home features almost 2,000 square feet of space, with tech-y upgrades like smart locks on all doors and a Nest thermostat. Plus, the master has not one but two walk-in closets.


$669,900: 4-bed, 4-bath in East Nashville

Our favorite of the bunch! This renovated 1935 tudor-style home has more bathrooms than you'll ever need, a farmhouse kitchen, a pretty fireplace and a bonus room that could be a bedroom or a den/study.

$759,999: 4-bed, 2.5-bath in Lockeland Springs

While we don't love some of the ultra-modern finishings on this East Nashville home, there's no denying that it offers a lot that's great: four bedrooms in 2,400 square feet, a beautiful Victorian brick exterior, and an enticing wraparound porch. While it's currently listed as a "hot home," we have to question that: It's been on the market since October 2019 and has been reduced by $40,000 since.


And Because Why Not ...

$1,800,000: 4-bed, 4.5-bath in Historic Edgefield

Wowowowo. There are surprises in every corner of this Italianate home circa 1880, from the luxe wallpapered hallway to the inlaid woodwork in the master bedroom to the clawfoot tub in the master bath.


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