Real Estate Dreamin': New Orleans

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Welcome to Real Estate Dreamin': where we browse property listings across the nation to see what we're missing out on. After all, Hunker's based in LA, where homeownership basically feels impossible without a spare million (the median home price here is 200% over the national average), so we spend a lot of time thinking about why we even live here in the first place. Today, we're visiting New Orleans to see what's within an attainable budget (according to LA standards) ... and we'll end with one super-buy. You know, for when we do actually win the lottery.


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$269,000: 3-bedroom, 1-bath house

This 3-bed, 1-bath isn't far from the bustling food and drink scene of the Marigny, and it's an easy walk to the art galleries on St. Claude Ave. There are plenty of nice historical details throughout including hardwood floors, exposed brick, and two fireplaces. While there's only one bath, the footprint is pretty decent at 1,433 square feet.


$280,000: 1-bed, 1-bath apartment in the French Quarter

When you're in the French Quarter, prices go up, so $280,000 doesn't get you a ton of space, but it will buy you charm. This 1-bed, 1-bath unit only has 544 square feet but it does sit on the upper level (balcony privileges) and comes with a shared pool. The price might be high, but consider the amazing location: You could easily Airbnb your home a few times a year (especially during Mardi Gras) and make your monthly mortgage payment back (and maybe more).


$389,000: 2-bedroom, 1-bath house in Carrollton

Carrollton, a western neighborhood close to Tulane University, isn't super close to all the action, but is a beautiful spot popular among families. This 2-bed, 1-bath Victorian cottage offers super cute embellishments, plus a screened-in porch for those balmy nights.


$459,000: 2-bed, 2-bath house in Touro

This 1,200 square foot cottage is close to one of our favorite New Orleans neighborhoods, walking distance to Magazine Street (where you'll find one of the city's best restaurants, Shaya), and just around the corner from the river bank (potentially risky, but just go with it!). It's been on the market for over four months, so maybe now is time to sweep in with an under-asking offer (although we'd want to put extra budget towards giving the kitchen and bathrooms a facelift).


$539,000: 3-bed, 2-bath Uptown home

Just a block away from Magazine Street, this 3-bedroom, 1,873 square foot shotgun house comes with an adorable picket fence and an ample deck in the back.


$635,000: 3-bed, 2-bath Uptown cottage

With this Uptown cottage, a bit of a price jump buys you CRAZY charm, from a wraparound porch to a wood-ceilinged kitchen to a clawfoot bath to French doors in the bedroom to a sun room to a spacious backyard ... sold!


And Because Why Not ...

$2,225,000: 5-bed, 6-bath Garden District mansion

WOW. Okay, so you'll need some serious cash for this place, but it's downright incredible. Known as the Grace King House and boasting over 6,000 square feet, this historical mansion features a library with ornate 17th century panels, a pool, wine cellar, elegant inlaid wood floors, and wrought iron balconies. Not bad considering $2.2 million in Beverly Hills will get you ... what, three bedrooms?