This Apartment Is Only 482 Square Feet, but the Setup Is Genius

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Architectural firm Sim-Plex has a knack for working with color (after all, they did design this rose-colored apartment inspired by Pretty in Pink). These same sensibilities went into renovating a modern Hong Kong apartment for a couple — the two-bedroom space is coated in a vibrant greenish-blue. Tiffany blue, to be exact: It was the couple's favorite color, one they felt could lend intimacy and romance to their home.


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And achieving that romantic feeling with such a defining hue might be a challenge, but in this case, it was extra-tough: The home is only 482 square feet, and the couple had a small child. To bring a playful element without making the apartment feel like color explosion, Sim-Plex brought in neutral finishings, added curved details, and figured out how to maximize functionality without sacrificing character.

Blue living room
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Living Room

A plum sofa and lilac curtains are the only other items in the home that introduce color. A risky choice, but it works.

Wood built in shelving
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Dining Room

When in doubt, layer wood on wood: Wood blinds continue the theme of smooth, neutral textures and hues.

Small dining room
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Dining Room

In this photo, you can see how the cabinets on the left are actually quite shallow, meaning you still get storage but they're not encroaching too much on the dining area.

Small kitchen
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The tiny kitchen mirrors the dining area with the same cabinetry.


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