7 Ways to Combat a Ridiculously Cold Office

wheat warmers
credit: Trouva

What is it with offices? Freezing in summer ... and somehow still freezing in winter? It's basically just a single season when you're working the nine-to-five. Here are some ways to make your cubicle just a little bit more comfortable:

A ceramic cap helps hot drinks stay warm for longer. Just make sure you clearly label this so Janet doesn't steal your mug AGAIN.

Ikea Varkrage Blanket, $4.99
credit: Ikea

Yeah, a blanket is an obvious way to keep warm at the office. Our advice: Don't spend major bank on one because you'll probably just spill your sad desk lunch all over it. This Ikea offering is less than $5, plus if you drape it in just the right way, you could kind of pull this off as a cloak and no one would be the wiser.

Stadler Form Fan Heater, $120
credit: Aha Life

Put this Swiss-engineered heat fan underneath your desk to create your own little tropical oasis.

Wheat Warmer, $37.98
credit: Trouva

These little pillows filled with wheat and lavender can be popped in the microwave for a quick way to warm up hands or laps.

Ember Ceramic Mug, $79.95
credit: Ember

If you are seriously obsessed with having a hot beverage for all eight hours of work, try Ember, a "smart" mug that keeps your coffee the perfect temp the whole time you're drinking it. The future is now, people.

Upstate Stock Fingerless Gloves, $29
credit: Bespoke Post

Try Upstate Stock's fingerless gloves as a foolproof way to keep at least parts of your hands warm while texting.

Pippettes Dispendary Warming Balm, $17
credit: Trouva

Give your hands a shot of heat with this natural warming balm — the essential oils should also help with any work-related stresses you may be having. Like the war you're in with the thermometer.