I Can't Stop Using This Microwavable Pillow I Got on Amazon

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Omg, winter, right? The worst. Especially when, even when the heat is on, it feels like you just CANNOT get warm. As a person who loves being cozy, my at-home ritual December through February consists of blankets, a space heater, hot water bottle, and cashmere wrap. Yes, I live in L.A. And yes, we do have "winters" here.


A few weeks ago, while unable to warm up at a Bachelor watching party, a friend came over and dropped a magical warm pillow into my lap. OoooOOooOoooh! "What is this? How did you do this?" I asked. "A few minutes in the microwave. It's on Amazon," she said. And with that, my life was changed. I made the purchase instantly from my phone.

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Meet the Bucky: It's a rectangular pillow filled with buckwheat that can be warmed up in the microwave, or popped in the freezer during hotter months for some cold relief. (The sand color retails for $27.49.)

What I Love About the Bucky

It's a quick solution. While I do love a good hot water bottle, boiling a full kettle of water can take a while. With the Bucky, I fold it in half, place in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, unfold and refold, and place again for another 2-3 minutes.


Thanks to the color variety, it can actually blend in with your couch or bed. I got the sand color, which basically matches my bedroom pillows.

I love the buckwheat smell — it's kind of earthy and herby.

It feels like it almost can't get too hot — it's never felt like it's burning my skin.


What You Might Not Love About the Bucky

It doesn't stay warm for as long as a hot water bottle, but it does remain warm for a good hour (especially under a blanket), at which point the heat is still present, but minimal.

You need a constantly clean microwave. It's just a bit gross if your Bucky comes out with a spaghetti spot on it.


If you microwave it for a while, it does accumulate some moisture, so you may want to use it over a sweater or something that won't make your clothing feel damp.



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