Here Are 7 Deck Ideas If You Have a Small Garden

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Relaxing in your own private garden is a lovely way to unwind on a warm afternoon, but most of us don't have backyards the size of Versailles (and some of us don't have backyards at all). Fortunately, there are ways to turn even the smallest outdoor space into your own personal oasis.

Here are some easy ideas for creating a deck in small gardens:

1. Consider painting your decking to really make an impact.

Think "decking," and you're probably mentally scanning through images of wood in various natural shades. While stained wood is a great traditional choice, opting to paint your decking can really make an impression, especially in a small space. Light colors can open up the space more, while darker ones will create an atmosphere that feels more private and cozy.

2. Create a U-shaped deck.

If you're working within a small square or rectangular space, consider a construction that concentrates on a central focal point, like a fire pit. By creating low decking around the perimeter around this garden, you define the space while also providing seating for a crowd.

3. Get creative with mirrors to make your deck space feel larger.

Mirrors and windows are great ways to create the illusion of a larger space, both indoors and out. Double the effect of added depth and dimension by placing a paned mirror in one corner of your deck.

4. Mix materials to create different sections.

Just because you have a small backyard doesn't mean that it has to serve just one purpose. Try decking on one half of your space as a designated lounging area. Play with concrete, small pools, and grass to create other spots to enjoy — they might all be small, but they will be distinct and well-planned.

5. Find ways to maximize seating.

If your limited garden is graced by a sturdy tree, consider yourself in luck: Think about a design that centers around or near the tree and use the branches for hanging pod chairs. The result saves space and is oh-so-inviting. (Just make sure you know how to properly install a hanging chair.)

6. Create a pattern of mixed plants and potted topiaries to border your deck's seating area.

Strategic planting and a choice variety can give your garden that perfectly polished look of professional landscaping. This small London garden alternates topiary balls with olive trees and bunches of white flowers, creating a soft floral pattern that complements the neutral-toned modern (and minimalist) bench seating in both shape and color.

7. Add a vertical garden to your deck space.

Whether you are looking to add texture to your space or in search of a novel way to create separate spaces within your deck, look to the vertical garden as a way to bring in greenery and definition. You can also use vertical gardens to harvest a variety of vegetables. See our DIY version here.

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