My Bissell Little Green Won't Spray

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Your Bissell Little Green may be your carpet's best friend, removing spots and stains with ease, but if it won't spray it's more of a hindrance than a help. Fortunately, the manufacturer offers two options to get your Little Green spraying again before taking your machine for repair.

My Bissell Little Green Won't Spray
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Check the Solution Tank

If your machine's solution tank is empty, it won't spray because there's no liquid in it to spray. Refill the solution tank and check if this solves the problem. If your machine won't spray, make sure the solution tank is sitting correctly in the machine. Take it out and insert it again, bottom first, into the space. Tilt it forward and apply gentle pressure at the top until you hear a snap.

If your machine still won't spray, check if the tab on the solution tank lid has damage or is missing. If it is, call Bissell customer service and order a replacement solution tank. If the tab on the tank lid is in working order, check the U-Clip in the machine. If this is faulty or missing, call Bissell customer service and ask for a referral to an authorized service center for repair.

Check the Upholstery Tool and Water Line

If there are no issues with your Little Green's solution tank, check if the machine has lost its prime. Turn the machine off and take out the upholstery tool. While the machine is off, press the trigger for 30 seconds. Turn the machine back on, press the trigger, and push into the center of the solution tank. Check if the machine sprays. If it does, the upholstery tool may have clogs. Clean the spray tip with a paper clip.

If your machine doesn't spray after pressing the trigger and pushing the solution tank, the water line inside the flex hose may become tangled. Fill the collection tank with hot water and repeat the steps above: Turn the machine off, remove the upholstery tool, press the trigger for 30 seconds, then turn the machine back on, press the trigger and push into the center of the solution tank. If your machine still doesn't spray, contact Bissell customer services and ask about authorized service centers for repair.

Other Bissell Little Green Issues

Some Little Green users report low or no suction, leaks and excessive noise. If you experience low or no suction, the collection tank may be full or not properly secured inside the machine. If your Little Green leaks, the collection tank may not be properly secured inside the machine, or it may be faulty. You should expect a high level of noise from your Little Green, as it's a powerful machine that needs to work hard to get all the dirt and grime out of your carpet.


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