Shark Steam Mop Not Steaming 2023: 4 Fixes to Try

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Before you panic, make sure your Shark Steam Mop's reservoir is filled with clean water -- no water means no steam. Once you've filled the tank to the fill line, give your mop about 30 seconds to heat up and produce steam before moving on to other troubleshooting procedures.

1. Check the Intake Tube

Simple mechanical tweaks might solve your steamy (or steam-less) woes. As you fill the water tank, keep an eye out for the water intake tube. If the tube is bent, straighten it out to ensure that it reaches the bottom of the tank.


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2. Check for "Steam and Spray" Mode

If your Shark has a steam-locking collar, as featured on the Steam and Spray models, turn it to the "Steam and Spray" position rather than the "Spray Only" position.

3. Cut Through Calcium

Over time and use, calcium and mineral deposits may build up in your Shark mop's nozzle, inhibiting the release of steam. When this happens, Shark recommends cleaning the nozzle to remedy the issue.


To get the steam flowing again, grab the nozzle cleaner included with your mop. If you don't have one, a straightened-out paper clip works just fine, too.

Unplug the Shark and remove its head. You'll spot a small hole -- this is the nozzle from which the mop releases steam. Simply insert the end of your cleaner or paper clip into the hole and gently move it up and down a few times to clear away steam-stopping buildup.


While fresh tap water does the trick, Shark recommends using distilled water to prevent steam-inhibiting calcification.

At its website, the company also offers its Water Filtration Bottle, which filters hard water for use in your steam mop.

4. Call the Pros

If filling the tank, adjusting your settings and decalcifying your steam mop don't do the trick, it's time to bring in the pros. Contact Shark's support center at 800-798-7398 or visit them online at



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