How to Troubleshoot a Bissell Carpet Cleaner With Water That Will Not Come Out

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The Bissell Company produces a variety of machines designed to clean hard floors and carpet. The company offers a variety of carpet cleaners that remove stains from carpet, using a combination of water and cleaning solution. After extended use, it is possible for the carpet cleaner to malfunction by not dispensing water. To determine the cause of this malfunction, a troubleshooting procedure must be performed. Most of the time, the repair involves removing a fiber clog that prevents the water from coming out of the nozzles.


Step 1

Grasp the cleaning solution tank, and remove it from the machine. Reinsert the tank into the machine, making sure it fits snugly in the machine. If the tank is even slightly dislodged, water cannot get into the machine. Visually inspect the siphon tube located on the tank to make sure it is not being pressed between the wall of the carpet cleaner and the tank.

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Step 2

Tilt the handle of the carpet cleaner downward until it rests on the floor. Examine the bottom of the machine. Remove any visible carpet fibers or hair clogs that are stuck in the water nozzles.


Step 3

Push the nozzle cover downward toward the machine wheels to remove it. Then, pull up on the spray tip itself to remove it from the machine.

Step 4

Soak the spray tip in a sink full of warm water for five to 10 minutes to clean any clogs from the nozzle holes. Dry off the nozzle tip with a towel. Reattach it and the nozzle cover back onto the vacuum.


Step 5

Fill the water tank with water until it reaches the fill line. Fill the dirty water tank with clean water until it reaches the maximum water line. Plug the machine in, and turn it on. Press in on the trigger, located in the handle, for 60 seconds to try to force water through the system.



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