How to Repair a Bissell Little Green Machine

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With a strong suction and spray, the Bissell Little Green Portable Carpet Cleaner (the Bissell Little Green Machine) can tackle messes on your carpet and upholstery. Just like anything, though, you may experience issues with the unit, but it's usually nothing a bit of troubleshooting can't fix. A few common problems with the Bissell Little Green are low or no suction, not spraying, leaking and being too noisy.

How to Repair a Bissell Little Green Machine
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Low or No Suction

If you go to power up your machine and notice there's barely any suction, check if the collection tank is full. Make sure dirty water isn't up to the maximum fill line on the unit. If it's full, dump it out and it should have more suction. However, if you barely have any dirty water in the tank, make sure the collection tank is locked. You can double check by removing the tank and placing it back in with the bottom side first and then tilt it forward. Next, press gently until you hear it snap, which means it's securely closed and locked.

Inability to Spray

If your machine isn't spraying, check if there's cleaning solution in the tank. If so, try taking out the tank and replacing it. Start by placing the solution tank into the cavity bottom side first. Next, tilt it forward as you press gently at the top until you feel it snap and close. If you still have no luck with spraying, check the solution tank lid for any damage or to see if it's missing.

If all of the above fails, try a second solution, which involves checking to see if the unit has lost its prime. Turn the unit off and remove the upholstery tool. Press the trigger continuously for 30 seconds and release. Turn the unit back on, press the trigger and push into the middle of the solution tank.

Leaking Above the Collection Tank

If you notice some leaking above the collection tank, make sure it's locked into the unit. You can check this by removing the collection tank and placing it back into the cavity with the bottom side going in first. Next, tilt it forward while you press gently at the top until you feel it snap shut. If you're still having issues when you turn the unit back on, the gasket may be missing or damaged, and it's ideal to call Bissell customer service for this type of issue.

Leaking From the Bottom

If your unit is leaking from the bottom, follow the troubleshooting instructions above. You'll need to make sure the collection tank is locked into place, just as if the leak was above the collection tank. If you're still having issues, it's likely due to the ball valve on the bottom of the tank. Calling customer service is necessary if the unit doesn't work by reinstalling the tank.

Noisy Unit

While some people prefer quieter machines and think their cleaner is broken because it's noisy, it's completely normal. For this unit to do its job and get deep down to attack dirt and grime, it requires extra power. Once you see the end result, the noise will be worth it.


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