How to Troubleshoot Sentry Safes

Sentry Safes are most commonly used in the home or office to lock up valuables or items which may be a safety hazard to children (such as firearms). Upon installing your device, you may begin to experience problems opening up your safe. Following some simple steps and performing your own maintenance will save you time, money and frustration. You can replace Sentry electronic lock batteries, open a non-budging combination lock using the supplied key, and contact Sentry to provide new keys or combinations.

After an invalid code has been entered, wait two minutes to try again.

Battery Replacement

Step 1

Replace old batteries with new ones if the electronic controls of your electronic lock stop working.

Step 2

Open the Sentry safe door, so that the electronic lock chamber is facing you.

Step 3

Twist the entire electronic lock chamber clockwise from a completely vertical alignment to a 2 o'clock position. The chamber should loosen a bit.

Step 4

Pull the chamber free from its slot.

Step 5

Insert four AA batteries into the back of the electronic chamber. Align the battery polarity with the indicators printed on the inside of the chamber.

Step 6

Slide the entire electronic lock chamber back into its slot on the Sentry safe door, and twist counterclockwise until the chamber is vertically positioned at 12 o'clock.

Combination Lock

Step 7

Pull your safe's handle up if the components of your combination lock are functional yet you can't get into your safe.

Step 8

Insert the supplied key into the key-hole located on the front of the the Sentry safe lock. Turn it until the plunger sticks out and then take the key out.

Step 9

Twist the dial until the selector is on "0." This will ready your device to be opened using the four-digit combination that came printed with your safe.

Step 10

Twist the dial from "0" to the left or counterclockwise, until the number "0" is surpassed four times in total. Slow down the turning of the knob and stop it, so that the number selector is aligned with the first number of your combination. Twist the dial clockwise or to the right, bypass your second combination number twice, and then stop on it the third time you reach it. Twist the dial counterclockwise (or to the left) again, bypass your third number once, and land on the third number of your combination the second time you reach it. Twist the knob to the right (or clockwise) to stop on your last combination number the first time you reach it. You safe door will open.

Contact Sentry

Step 11

Locate your Sentry's serial number, should you lose your keys or combination or both. The serial number can be found in alignment with the door hinge on the front of the safe door.

Step 12

Write the serial number down. You'll need your serial number when you contact Sentry for replacement keys or a combination.

Step 13

Contact Sentry via the World Wide Web at