How to Replace Batteries in a Sentry Safe

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Sentry safes protect your money, documents, coin collections, family heirlooms and jewelry from water, fire and theft. The safes feature electronic keypads and locks, so they require batteries to function. If the 4 AAA batteries run low or die, you can replace them quickly and easily. You'll know when it's time to change them because the safe's battery icon lights up to notify you. No codes will be erased when the batteries are replaced.

To Replace Sentry Safe Batteries:

Step 1

Remove the lock-out screw from the bright yellow tag located inside the safe's door using a screwdriver. The battery compartment is under this tag.

Step 2

Pull the plastic battery compartment out from inside the door.

Step 3

Remove all four of the old batteries and replace them with fresh AAA alkaline batteries -- don't mix old and new batteries. Avoid using non-alkaline or rechargeable batteries in the safe. Make sure that the new batteries' - and + symbols match up with those on the battery slots.

Step 4

Slide the refilled battery compartment back into the safe.

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