Sentry Safe Instructions

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Follow your Sentry Safe Instructions.
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If you own a SentrySafe secure storage solution, you've already taken the first step toward securing your valuables against theft. These safes are manufactured with both manual and electronic locking mechanisms, so you'll need to determine which you have in order to get started. Manual safes use keys for opening and closing, whereas electronic safes rely on a keypad and codes to be opened or locked.


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How To Open a SentrySafe

To open your safe for the first time, you may need to remove the shipping screw with a screwdriver. Next, remove the keys and, if you have an electronic safe, install batteries. Most models require AA batteries, but check the owner's manual to find out for sure. To open the safe, the handle will need to be positioned horizontally. Insert your key into the lock, rotate it clockwise and then remove the key.

Next, find the owner's manual for your safe, where you should find a five-digit code on the back. Use this to open the safe. You should see a green light telling you to proceed once the code has been entered properly. Note that you may only have a few seconds to turn the handle downward and open the door before the safe locks itself once again. You can later reset the code for greater security.


How To Set the Combination

To set a new combination, known as the primary user code, press the "P" button and then enter the factory code that appeared on the back of your owner's manual. Open the safe by turning the handle. Once you have done so, the green "proceed" light will be illuminated, and you'll have five seconds to enter a new five-digit code.

When the green light flashes again, your code has been saved. You may use the "C" button to clear the process at any time. You may remove the primary user code by pressing the "P" button followed by the factory code, then by entering five zeroes.


It's also possible with many SentrySafe safes to program a secondary code so that another user has access as well. To set this combination, press the "P" button twice and then enter a five-digit secondary code. You may remove the secondary code by pressing the "P" button twice and then entering the five-digit primary user code, followed by five zeroes.

Forgotten Safe Combination

If you forget the combination to your safe, you may use the keys to open it. Note that the lock must have been left in the unlocked position for this to work. The key functions as a secondary locking feature and can keep you from accessing the safe even if you've entered the correct code. To prevent this, you'll need to leave the lock in the unlocked position at all times.


SentrySafe Battery Replacement

If you have an electronic SentrySafe safe, you'll need to deal with replacing the batteries from time to time. Depending on the model you have, the battery compartment may be located either below, under or to the right of the keypad.

Once you remove the battery door, insert four new batteries into the compartment. The manufacturer recommends that you use four new batteries of the same brand. Do not mix brands, batteries of different ages or batteries that have been used. In addition, don't use rechargeable batteries.


SentrySafe models that start with SFW123T, U or SFW205T, U have a battery compartment inside the door. If you find that the battery is too low to open the door, there's an override feature. First, you'll need to open the silicone cap found on the side of the lock and insert a 9-volt battery into the slot. The lock should then chirp three times. Next, touch the center of the lock, enter the safe's five-digit code and turn the handle to open it.