How to Reset a Sentry Safe Combination

Periodically updating the combination to your safe provides added security and helps eliminate unauthorized access. Safes with manual combination locks must be changed by a qualified locksmith, but Sentry safes with electronic locks allow for fast and easy combination changes as frequently as desired.

woman opened safe
credit: vetkit/iStock/Getty Images
Hand turning the handle on a safe

Step 1

Open your Sentry safe by typing the five-digit factory code (found in your owner's manual) on the keypad. It's always a good idea to change your combination while the safe is open, so that you don't inadvertently lock yourself out.

Step 2

Delete any existing codes by pressing the "P" key and entering the factory code, followed by "00000." On older safes, press the "PROG" key and entering your factory code twice to delete old codes.

Step 3

Press the "PROG" or "P" key again on your Sentry safe's keypad.

Step 4

Enter your safe's five-digit factory code.

Step 5

Enter a five-digit code of your choosing within 5 seconds. This is your user code. While the factory code cannot be changed, your user code can be changed as often as you like, and that should be your primary code to open the safe. Only you should know your safe's factory code.

Step 6

Retype the user code to verify it is working, and then close the safe.