How to Change the Batteries on a Digital Safe

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Things You'll Need

  • Jeweler’s screwdriver or paper clip

  • 9-volt battery


To see a picture of the hole in the battery cover, go to Scroll down the page to “Electronic Lock Tutorial.” Play any of the three videos, depending on your computer plug-ins. Pause the video at 40 seconds. You will see the hole just under the keypad and to the right of the keyhole. Use an alkaline or a lithium battery so you won’t have to change it again for a long time.


Be careful not to break the wires on the battery connector when handling the old or the new battery. Observe polarity when you connect the new battery. The connector will only fit one way. Be careful not to crimp the battery wires when replacing the battery compartment cover.

The hardest part about changing the battery in a digital safe is finding where it is. But don't worry, it's not inside. The battery compartment is under the keypad, and has a little tiny hole for removal. If you don't have a jeweler's screwdriver that is small enough, you can use a straightened-out paper clip. The battery is a 9 volt.


Step 1

Insert the jeweler's screwdriver or paper clip into the small hole in the plastic panel, just below the keypad and to the right of the keyhole.

Step 2

Slide the panel to the right.

Step 3

Carefully pull the old battery out.

Step 4

Carefully unsnap the wire connector from of the old battery. The connections are like clothing snaps and just pull off.


Step 5

Snap the connector onto the new battery. Be sure to observe polarity--it will fit only one way.

Step 6

Carefully put the new battery into the battery compartment, storing the wires out of the way of the cover.

Step 7

Insert the cover in its slots, and slide it back into place with the jeweler's screwdriver or the paper clip.



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