How to Open a Browning Safe

A Browning safe is a great idea for anyone hoping to protect their valuables. Unfortunately, it doesn't help much if you don't know how to open it. Whether you have a Browning safe with a manual lock, S&G electronic lock, or a Lagard electronic lock it is important to know how to properly open your safe.

Manual Lock Instructions

Step 1

Turn your safe's dial counterclockwise four times. Make sure to pass the first number in your combination three times and stop on it the fourth time.

Step 2

Turn your safe's dial clockwise three times. Pass the second number in your combination twice and stop on it the third time.

Step 3

Turn the dial back counterclockwise twice. Pass the third number in your combination once and stop on it the second time.

Step 4

Spin the dial back clockwise until it stops. According to Browning, this will typically be around 95 on your dial. Turn your safe's handle to open the door.

S&G and Lagard Electronic Lock Instructions

Step 1

Enter your six-digit passcode on your Browning safe's keypad, followed by the # key for an S&G lock. For a Lagard lock enter your six-digit passcode and listen for two rapid beeps to verify a proper code entry.

Step 2

Listen to the sound of the lock retracting on both types of locks. When you hear the lock retract you can open the door.

Step 3

Turn the handle and open the door when you hear the lock retract. Do so within six seconds for an S&G lock, or four seconds for a Lagard lock, or the lock will shut and you will have to start over.

Michael J. Scott

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