How to Open a Browning Safe

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You can open your safe.
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A Browning safe keeps your items secure, but you also need to know how to open it to access the contents when needed. The easiest way to open a Browning safe is by entering the combination. On a mechanical dial, you need to turn it the right way for the combination to work. If you forget your combination, you'll need a backup method to open the safe.


Opening a Dial Combination Lock

If you have your combination, you can open the safe easily by entering it on the dial. You need to follow a very specific series of rotations to get to each number in the dial. Follow these steps to open the dial combination safe:

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  1. Rotate the dial to the left, or counterclockwise, four times. Go past the first number in the combination three times. Stop on that number on the fourth rotation, making sure to stop on the number precisely. If you miss by more than a single dial mark, you won't be able to open the safe.

  2. Rotate the dial the other direction, clockwise, turning it three times. Stop on the second number in the combination on the third turn.

  3. Move the dial counterclockwise again two times, stopping on the third number the second time you reach it.

  4. Go clockwise once again, rotating the dial until it stops turning. This usually happens when the dial reaches 86.


Once you complete the combination, you can turn the safe handle to open the door.

Lost Combination Procedure

If you forget your combination, you'll need to contact Browning to retrieve it. For security purposes, you have to prove that you're the owner of the safe. You'll need to submit a master reset code request form with the safe's serial number, which you can find on a label that's on top of the safe, as well as proof of ownership. The verification must come from the dealer where you bought the safe, local law enforcement or a SAFTA or ALOA locksmith.


Opening an Electronic Lock

Some Browning safes, such as the pistol vault, use electronic locks to secure the contents. Instead of turning a dial, you simply press the numbers on the keypad in the order of the combination. A new electronic safe comes with a preset access code that you should change immediately.


Punch in the numbers on the keypad in the precise order. If you enter the code correctly, the safe will unlock. Entering the code incorrectly three times in a row shuts the lock down for 15 minutes and puts it in sleep mode. Your key can be used to open the safe if this happens.

Always make sure the safe has fresh AA batteries in it. Low batteries can make the keypad fail to work correctly.


Tips for Opening the Safe

Always read your safe's manual when you buy a new safe and keep it in a secure place to reference it when needed. The manual provides specific opening instructions for your safe model, which might vary slightly from other models. For an electronic safe, this includes how to reset the access code on the safe's lock.


Whenever you enter the combination, do so slowly, carefully and precisely to hit the target numbers exactly. Even being slightly off on the numbers can cause the safe to stay locked. Keep the combination written down in a safe place to keep it secure yet accessible in case you forget it.



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