How to Open a Cannon Safe

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Cannon sells one of the most trusted brands of safes for the protection of valuables or guns. A combination of numbers entered in a specific sequence is needed to open this type of safe. If the numbers are entered incorrectly, you will not be able to open the safe. Cannon specializes in two types of safe locks, mechanical and electrical. A different process is necessary to open each type of lock.

Mechanical Locks

Step 1

Acquire the combination. When you purchase a safe, the dealer will provide a code. The combination will consist of three separate numbers.

Step 2

Place your hand on the mechanical dial and turn it left, aligning the first number with the vertical line at the 12 o'clock position after four turns.

Step 3

Turn the dial to the right, aligning the second number in the combination with the vertical line at the 12 o'clock position after three turns.

Step 4

Turn the dial left, aligning the third number with the vertical line at the 12 o'clock position after two turns.

Step 5

Spin the dial slowly to the right until it comes to a stop.

Step 6

Turn the handle of the safe to the left and pull the door open.

S&G Electronic Lock, SecuRam Lock and the LP Lock models.

Step 1

Acquire the combination. If the safe has not been programmed, the combination will be 1,2,3,4,5,6, on all models.

Step 2

Turn the handle slightly clockwise until the handle stops. You should not have to force the handle.

Step 3

Enter the six-digit combination. On the S&G model, press the # key after you enter the six-digit combination.

Step 4

Turn the handle counterclockwise to unlock the safe. On the LP model, a series of two beeps will indicate when to turn the handle. Pull the door towards you to open the safe. On the S&G and LP series, a long beep after entering the combination will signal that the lock does not recognize the code that was entered. On the SecuRam model, a series of three beeps after the code is entered will indicate the lock does not recognize the code.


Try writing the combination of your safe on a piece of paper and hiding it. This will allow you to have a physical reference of your safe's combination.


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