How to Open a Honeywell Safe

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You can open your safe.
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If you store important or expensive items in a home safe, you'll likely be familiar with Honeywell safe models. The Honeywell model 5101 is a popular option. Honeywell safes operate electronically and open with a preprogrammed combination. However, there are instances in which accessing your Honeywell safe can be trickier. If you forget your passcode or the Honeywell safe's batteries are dead, there are emergency systems in place to help you access your items.


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Using Passcodes on Honeywell Safes

The easiest way to open your Honeywell safe is by entering the passcode or combination for the unit. The passcode of your Honeywell safe will be located in its instruction manual. Enter this code and press the # key. The green light will indicate your safe has been opened.

If you ever forget your Honeywell safe combination, you can refer back to your operating manual. However, if you can't find it, the Honeywell website offers a lost combination service via phone or email. You'll need all the relevant information regarding your Honeywell combination safe, including proof of ownership, order information and information on the safe's model and serial number. This service also costs $12.


Using the Honeywell Safe Key

Another way to access your safe if you've forgotten your passcode is by using a Honeywell safe key. To do this, you must engage the emergency override function of your safe. First, push down on the safe's battery cover in order to open it. Then, remove the batteries. The emergency override keyhole will be located under the batteries. Insert your Honeywell safe key into the lock and turn it clockwise as you turn the handle of the safe's door.

Once you've accessed your safe, turn the emergency key counterclockwise, remove it from the keyhole and close the door of your safe. You can then reinstall the batteries and replace the battery cover.


If you can't find your emergency key, the Honeywell website offers a service that can deliver a new key. To get new Honeywell safe keys, you'll need proof of ownership, order information, information on the safe's model and serial number and costs $12.

Dealing With Dead Batteries

Another reason you may not be able to access your safe is if your Honeywell safe's batteries are dead. You can usually tell the batteries are dead because the safe won't light up or make the usual beeping noises. To prevent this from happening, Honeywell recommends changing your safe's batteries at least once per year. If you open the safe frequently, it's a good idea to replace the batteries sooner to keep them from dying.


If your batteries do die, though, the emergency key can help you access your safe using the same method as described above. However, after access, you should replace the dead batteries with new ones before replacing the battery cover. The correct battery size and type will be found in your safe's manual.

You'll also need to reset your safe after replacing dead batteries. The reset button is usually located on the inside of the safe's door. Once you press it, you should see a yellow light. You then have 30 seconds to use the keypad to enter your new passcode. Make sure to take note of this new code in case of future issues.