How to Open a Honeywell Safe

Honeywell manufactures electronic safes for use in the home that are used to secure important documents or property. The safes have an electronic lock that needs a programmed combination to open. In addition, the safes come with an emergency override key that can be used to open the safe when you cannot remember the pass code or if the batteries that are used to power the electronic combination lock become exhausted.

Using the Pass Code

Step 1

Enter your pass code and press the "#" key. If this is the first time you are opening the safe, use the factory set pass code "159#." The indicator light on the safe will turn green when the pass code is entered correctly.

Step 2

Turn the handle to the right and pull on the door to open the safe.

Step 3

Close the door of the safe and turn the handle to the lift to lock the safe.

Using the Emergency Key

Step 1

Push down on the battery cover that is located under the safe handle.

Step 2

Remove the batteries from the safe to expose the emergency override keyhole.

Step 3

Insert the emergency override key in the keyhole, turn it to the right and turn the handle to the right to open the door.

Step 4

Turn the emergency override key back to the left and remove it from the keyhole.

Step 5

Lock the safe by closing the door and turning the handle to the left.