How to Reset a Honeywell Electronic Safe

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When you get a new Honeywell electronic safe, it comes with a generic code programmed into it. You'll want to reset the Honeywell electronic safe before you use it in order to keep the contents secure. You might also want to change the code periodically to increase the security. Programming the safe isn't difficult, but it's important to test the new codes you set to make sure they work.


Choosing Honeywell Safe Codes

Honeywell safe codes can generally range from three to eight digits, but your owner's manual can tell you about any restrictions for your model. Choose a code that's easy for you to remember but not easy to guess. Using a birthday or another important date or number can make the code easier to guess. Many Honeywell safes have a primary and secondary code, so you'll need two different codes to program the safe.


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Open the Safe

Your safe should be open to reset the code. If it's a new safe, refer to the owner's manual for the preset code. It's often 159, but some models have a different initial code. You can also use the override key to unlock the safe. Keep the safe door open until you've set the new code.


Enter Your Primary Code

You'll set your primary user code first. To reset the primary user code, look for the "reset" button, which is often in the inside edge of the safe door. Press the button. You should see a yellow LED light and hear beeps.

You can now enter three to eight digits to create your new code. Once you enter the code, press the "#" button. It should beep again and turn off the yellow light to indicate that the code has been reset.


Test the code to see if it unlocks the door. It should beep twice and show a green LED light to indicate that it's unlocked. If the new code doesn't work, use the override key to open the safe and try again.

Set the Secondary Code

You can also set a secondary user code on many Honeywell electronic safes. To set the secondary code:


  1. Use your primary user code to open the safe.

  2. Press the "0" button twice.

  3. Press the "reset" button on the door.

  4. Listen for three beeps and look for the yellow LED light.

  5. Enter your secondary user code, which can also be three to eight digits.

  6. Press the "#" button.

  7. Test the new secondary user code.

Forgotten Safe Code

It's difficult to open your Honeywell safe if you forget your codes, but it's not impossible. If you enter an incorrect code three times in a row, the safe engages a lockout mode, which means you can't use the keypad to open the safe for 20 seconds. If you try again and fail three more times, the lockout period extends to five minutes. You can use your override key to open the door even during the lockout period.


If you forget your code, you can use your override key to open the safe. Once it's open, you can reset the code. To use the override key, remove the override key cover, which might require a screwdriver or pressing and rotating the cover to remove it. Insert the key and turn it counterclockwise. Turn the knob and open the safe door.



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