How to Change the Combinations on First Alert Home Safes

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Write down your new combination and place in a secure location in case you forget the numbers entered.

Having a strong safe is only part of the process of keeping your valuables secured. First Alert provides home safes that offer both waterproof and fireproof capabilities, as well as keypad combinations. Utilizing the safe to its full effect requires that you create and code it with a secure combination. This also means changing your safe's combination regularly. Fortunately, First Alert makes doing so a simple process, as long as you follow the correct coding procedure.

Step 1

Lift the round protective cover from the digital keypad, tilting the cover upward from the base to expose the keypad. The keypad will light up for five seconds.

Step 2

Enter the current combination or the preset factory code if the safe is brand new. You can locate the code in the owner's manual for the safe. The sequence for entering the code is to press the "*" key, followed by the passcode, followed by the "#" key. With each key pressed, the keypad will emit a beep and a green flashing light. The correct code causes the light to turn solid, and you'll hear a click as the lock disengages. Turn the safe handle to the right and upward, then pull the safe door open within five seconds or you will need to begin again.

Step 3

Press the reset button on the top inside edge of the door to begin the combination programming routine. The keypad will flash red and green lights, after which you have 10 seconds to begin the reprogramming process.

Step 4

Lift the protective cover to expose the keypad again and enter your new combination, between three to eight digits, into the keypad followed by the "#" key. Repeat the new combination immediately after entry, followed with the "#" key to verify. Upon verification, the keypad will shine a solid green light, indicating success.

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