How to Set the Time on an ADT Home Alarm

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If the wrong time flashes at you whenever you walk by your home security system's master control panel, it can be annoying to say the least. Even worse, if a security incident occurs, such as a breach, then your system may have recorded it at an inaccurate time. For security's sake, set the time on your ADT home alarm following a simple troubleshooting process. Don't worry — you won't have to reset your entire ADT system just to set the time.


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Initial Time Setting

If you purchased an ADT home security system and had it professionally installed, it's highly likely that the installer programmed the time so you wouldn't have to worry about it. We're all human, though, and if the time was set incorrectly during installation, then fixing it is an easy undertaking that you can handle yourself.

First, you'll need to know your home security system's model. While you may have purchased the technology from ADT and use its online system to manage your home security, that doesn't mean everyone has the same technology installed.


ADT offers more than 50 home security systems. You can find the exhaustive list here as well as the specific owner's manual for each model. Setting the time is such a basic feature that the steps are extremely similar across the models.

Changing the ADT Keypad Time

Some ADT systems are controlled by a simple keypad, such as the Concord Express. Others, like the Simon and Safewatch security models, have voice prompts to help guide you through the clock-setting process.


To set the time on a Concord Express keypad:

  • Enter the numeral "9" followed by your system master code.

  • Enter "00."

  • Press the desired time in four-digit format and then press the pound key (#).

  • Complete the time programming by pressing the numeral "4" and then the pound key (#).

Voice Prompt Model Clock Set

If your home security system is a bit more sophisticated and offers voice prompting, then setting your clock is even easier.


For the specific model Simon 3, use this process:

  • Upon opening the system panel cover, the voice prompt will request that you enter your ID. This is when you'll enter your master code.

  • The panel then states, "Please select from Start Menu." You'll select the "Clock Set" option from your menu.

  • Your system will say the current set time. Press the hours "+" and "-" keys to adjust to the right time. The panel will repeat the hour you have selected.

  • Select the minutes "+" and "-" keys to set the time to the accurate minute. Again, the panel will repeat the minute you have selected.

  • Press "done" and your system will announce the time you have set.


Preventing an Inaccurate Time

Power outages are often out of our control and leave us resetting the time on microwaves, ovens, and other gadgets connected to the electricity. Your home alarm system is very likely included in the list of electric-powered tools that show the time in your home.

You don't have to risk having an inaccurate time on your ADT home alarm system even if the power fails. By adding a backup battery to your control panel, your system won't miss a minute and will keep functioning through a power outage.


The clock may seem like the least important home security feature. However, an accurate time is imperative to security, especially when features that disarm your system at a specified time are programmed, such as a latchkey feature.

Contact ADT Customer Service

You may need to look at the specifics of your ADT home security model to successfully set the clock if these steps don't help. If you're averse to user manuals, there are other ways to receive help to set your home alarm clock too. First, you can log in to your account at and find information regarding your home system there. You may be able to set the time online. You can also reach out for assistance from ADT customer service at 1-800-521-1734.



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