How to Change the Clock on a Sunbeam Microwave

All Sunbeam microwaves offer the use of a clock. The clock provides timer functionality and enables you to reference the time in the event you need to take a pot off the stove at a certain time. The process for changing the clock varies depending on the model you own, but the overall process is very similar and intuitive for all models of Sunbeam microwaves.

Step 1

Plug the microwave into an electrical outlet. The digital display screen will light up.

Step 2

Touch and hold the clock button until the display prompts you for the time by blinking.

Step 3

Tap the clock button to choose between the standard 12-hour clock and the military 24-hour clock. Some models do not give you the ability to choose. If this is the case, the clock is preset to military time.

Step 4

Type in the correct time using the number pad and then press "clock" again. If your unit has a Time/WEI button do not use the keypad. Tap the Time/WEI button to cycle through the hours, tap the clock button again and then press the Time/WEI button to cycle though the minutes. Finally, press the time button again to exit the program.