How to Fix My PC Clock When it Runs Too Fast

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Clocks can become quite annoying when constantly inaccurate.
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In Windows operating systems, there is a system clock that appears in the taskbar. Your computer uses it for program logs, scheduled tasks and document/file saving. If it seems like your PC clock consistently runs too fast, you can sync it with an online server that will keep it running at the right speed.


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Step 1

Log in to your computer, click on the time display on the far right side of your taskbar, and then click "Change data and time settings."

Step 2

Open the "Internet Time" tab, then click "Change settings."


Step 3

Select the check box for "Synchronize with an Internet time server," then select a server to which your clock can be in sync. (The default is "")

Step 4

Click "Update now" and "OK," then "Apply" and "OK." Your PC clock will now automatically sync with the server you chose, preventing it from running too fast.