Howard Miller Accuwave DS Instructions

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Howard Miller makes many different models of clocks for use in your home or office. The Accuwave DS line of clocks is battery powered and connected to a radio frequency that ensures that the clock will automatically change for daylight saving time, leaving you free to put up the clock and forget it. Using the controls on the clock, you can adjust the time to the second and change the date that will be displayed.


Step 1

Slide the battery compartment off the back of the clock. Insert the batteries into the compartment, paying attention to the plus and minus signs for polarity. When the batteries are entered correctly, close the battery cover and the face of the clock will light up and automatically enter setup mode.

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Step 2

Press and hold the "Up" arrow for five seconds to reset the second hand back to 12. Turn the clock adjustment dial to set both the minute and the second hand back to the 12 position.


Step 3

Press the "Mode" button once. The screen will display your settings for the daylight saving time option. If "On" appears, the clock will automatically adjust for daylight saving, and if "Of" appears, the clock will run normally. Press "Up" or "Down" to change the setting and press "Mode" to save.

Step 4

Press the up and down arrows to change the year. When the year is correct, press "Mode" to save and move to the month. Use the arrows to change the month, then press "Mode" to switch to the day. Adjust the day with the same method and press "Mode" to save the date and move to the time adjustment.


Step 5

Press the arrow buttons to adjust the hour. The hour will be displayed on the LCD screen in a 24-hour format, so there is no need for a.m. or p.m. When the hour is correct, press "Mode." Use the arrows again to change the minute and press the "Mode" button to save your settings. The current time will be displayed on the LCD, but the moving hands will not begin moving until they match the LCD time.



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