You can save money on your electrical bill by installing a programmable thermostat. According to a 2008 estimate by the U.S. Department of Energy, using a preprogrammed thermostat properly can save you around $180 a year. RiteTemp offers a number of them that run based on the temperature and time settings you program. They come with a preprogrammed EnergyStar program that is recommended for energy efficiency, but you can also set your own.


Step 1

Select "Heat" or "Cool" with the mode switch on the thermostat.

Step 2

Press "Program" to put the thermostat into programming mode. "Su" for Sunday shows on the day icon. Press "Day" until you get to the day you want to program.

Step 3

Hit the "Time Slot" button to select the time you want to program. Press "Next" until it shows the time you want: "Morn," "Day," "Even" or "Nite."

Step 4

Press the "Temp +/-" button until it shows the temperature you want.

Step 5

Set the time for the time slot you selected by pressing the "Time" arrow to move forward or back in time. The arrow pointing to the left moves time back. The arrow to the right moves time forward.

Step 6

Push "Next," and the display shows the next time slot. Repeat the steps to program each slot. Press "Day" and follow the steps to program each day.

Step 7

Press "Copy" to copy the program from one day to another. Use the "Day" button to move to the day you want to copy to the program. Press "Copy" again.