How to Program RiteTemp Thermostats

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If you're looking for ways to save money on your electrical bill, start with a programmable thermostat. Simple to install and operate, this device lets you adjust the times you turn on your heating or air-conditioning, according to a predetermined schedule. Every model in the RiteTemp thermostat range comes with a preprogrammed EnergyStar program, recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for energy efficiency, but you can also create a custom program.

How to Program RiteTemp Thermostats
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RiteTemp Thermostat Models

The wide range of RiteTemp thermostat models includes the 6000 series and the 8000 series. Each series contains several different models, allowing you to choose the device that suits your needs. For example, the RiteTemp 6022 programming guide states that the 6022 can be used with millivolt, 24V single and 2-stage conventional systems, gas/oil/electric heat, 1-stage heat pumps, 2-stage heat pumps, zoned hot water, zoned forced air, single and 2-stage cooling and hybrid systems.

If you know what model of RiteTemp thermostat you have, you can access the operation guide, such as the RiteTemp air conditioner manual, in full on the RiteTemp website.

RiteTemp Thermostat Design

All RiteTemp programmable thermostats have the same basic design. On the front of the thermostat, you'll see a screen displaying the current room temperature. There is also a fan switch, a mode switch to let you choose "Heat" or "Cool" and buttons to increase and decrease temperature. Some models, such as the 8082, have a touch screen function.

RiteTemp Thermostat Programming

First, set the clock on your thermostat. Press the "Set Clock" button once to set the day of the week, then press the left-arrow "Time" button or the right-arrow "Time" button to select the day. Follow the same steps to set the time, then press the "Home" button to store your settings.

To run the preprogrammed Energy-Star approved program, select "Heat" or "Cool" with the mode switch.

To create a custom program, press the "Program" button. Press the "Day" button to select the day you want to program. Press the "Next" button to select the time slot you want to program. Your time slot options are "Morn," "Day," "Even" and "Nite."

Press the +/- buttons until the display shows your desired temperature for that particular time slot. You can change the time for that time slot by pressing the left-arrow "Time" button or right-arrow "Time" button. The left-arrow button moves time back, and the right-arrow button moves time forward.

Press the "Next" button to show the next time slot. Repeat the steps to program each slot. Press the "Day" button and follow the steps to program each day.

Press the "Copy" button to copy the program from one day to another. Use the "Day" button to move to the day you want to copy to the program. Press the "Copy" button once more to confirm. If you don't want to copy, press the "Home" button to exit.


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