How to Make Homemade Roundup to Kill All Weeds

Weeds can be a real nuisance. They steal nutrients, water and sunlight from desirable plants, and they make lawns and parks look unsightly. Moreover, some weeds serve as food sources for pests (such as grasshoppers). Roundup is a chemical herbicide designed to kill broad-leafed weeds. While you cannot duplicate Roundup exactly at your home, you can make a weed-killer that mimics Roundup.

Pulling weeds by hand can be laborious.

Step 1

Purchase a bottle of distilled vinegar, such as Heinz or Mizkan.

Step 2

Pour the distilled vinegar into a watering can or spray bottle.

Step 3

Cover any plants that you do not want to harm with a plastic sheet.

Step 4

Spread the distilled vinegar over the weeds. Distilled vinegar contains a high level of acid and will kill any weeds it comes in contact with.