How to Open an Electronic Sentry Safe

Keeping valuables safe and secure in your home requires a safe that's strong, yet accessible. A Sentry safe meets both specifications. It's strong enough to keep your valuables out of the hands of thieves, while an electric and key-based combination keeps your stored items instantly accessible whenever you need them. Opening the safe is a simple matter, as long as you possess both key and combination, with the entire opening process taking about five seconds to complete.

Keep your valuables secure with a home safe combining keyed and combination access.

Step 1

Insert the safe key into the lock to the left of the electronic combination entry pad. Turn the key clockwise until it stops in place. The lock cylinder surrounding the key will pop out slightly from the safe door.

Step 2

Input the safe combination by pressing the five-digit code into the electronic combination entry pad followed by pressing the "Prog/Enter" key, or the "#" key for pads without the "Enter" key. If entered correctly, a green light will appear on the pad.

Step 3

Pull the handle on the safe door downward within four seconds of getting the green light. Pull the safe door open. If the handle is the rotational type, turn the safe handle clockwise within five seconds of receiving the green light and pull the safe open.