Blates Are the Underrated Kitchen Essential Everyone Needs

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Every kitchen has bowls and every kitchen has plates, but combine the two and you get one of the best kitchen essentials around: blates.


What are blates?

Blates are a hybrid design between a bowl and a plate. Think a larger but shallow bowl with shorter edges or a plate with raised edges. Also referred to as pasta bowls, dinner bowls, or low bowls, blates are perfect for all sorts of dishes — from pasta to salad. Not only do the edges make it easier to scoop food onto a spoon or gather it with a fork but they also look super chic and can elevate any dining table, whether you're having a casual weeknight dinner or a full-on dinner party celebration.


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Our Favorite Blates You Can Buy Online

Sold on all the wonders of blates? Upgrade your kitchen with our favorites below.

Our Place Midi Bowls (set of 4)

2" x 8.5"

Available in spice, terracotta, char, and steam

Threshold Stoneware Tilley Dinner Bowl

1.88" x 9.12"

Available in bronze and navy

Famiware Milkyway Bowls (set of 4)

1.77" x 8.2"

Available in white, multicolor, light gray, dark gray, and brown

CB2 Inge White Pasta Bowl

1.5" x 7.5"

Available in white



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