7 Unexpected Places to Shop for Kitchen Essentials

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We're all about exploring the Internet for the most chic home finds. But sometimes that means expanding our idea of ​where​ we might find certain things. Take, for instance, kitchen essentials. We can automatically think of a few major brands that naturally come to mind, but there are some that might slip under your radar.


Whether you're moving into your first space or doing a little refresh, here are just a few unexpected places where you can find kitchen and dining basics.

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1. MOMA Design Store

Although some of the items here can be pricey, with enough sleuthing you can also snag some more budget-friendly finds like placemats, glass straws, napkins, and bowls. And if you ever ​do​ want to invest in an artsy kitchen piece, there are plenty of those available. Just look at this toaster.

2. Uncommon Goods

We often think of this brand when looking for cooky or unique gifts, but there are plenty of practical items, too. Browse through utensil caddies, wine glasses, condiments, cutting boards, and more. And if you need something quirky, there's plenty to choose from.


3. HAY

We love HAY for all things Danish design and while some of their items can be a splurge, they've got some affordable kitchen staples, too. Take for instance, these rainbow plates that can add some color to even the dreariest of cabinets.



4. Moda Operandi

If you're looking to splurge — and want to feel like you're at a luxury hotel — this high-end fashion destination actually carries homewares, too. Most of them are on the pricier side, but if you scroll through you can find a couple of items on the lower price end, too. Browse through coasters, dish towels, placemats, wine glasses, and more.


5. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters' home section has waffle makers, tea towels, mugs, measuring spoons, dinner plates, and more. These finds are especially good if you're looking for something to match your modern, quirky, or boho style.


6. KonMari

While you might expect organizational items to reign supreme in Marie Kondo's shop, there are plenty of other things to love, too. You can find chopsticks, cocktail napkins, rice bowls, tea cups, dinner plates, and more. They're all, of course, minimalist and chic.


7. Terrain

You might associate Terrain with all things gardening and outdoor entertainment, but you can find lots to love in their kitchen and dining section, too. It's perfect for anyone that loves rustic, pared-down, boho finds. Browse through table linens, serving bowls, glasses, cutlery, and more.



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