I Bought Merino Wool Coasters, and I'm Never Going Back

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When I find a product I'm passionate about, I literally feel like I need to scream it to the world. My latest yell-worthy purchase? Merino wool coasters. I'm simply obsessed — and here's why.


As a self-proclaimed coaster snob, I'm always slightly hesitant to try a new set. I've traditionally leaned towards marble or acrylic instead of fabric, but I had been eyeing the Graf Lantz coasters for a hot minute, and decided it was time to give them a shot. And I ‌totally‌ understand the hype now — they don't scratch my surfaces!

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My dark wood-stained coffee table is rather delicate and susceptible to markings, but I always felt rude asking my guests not to slide their coasters. So long are the days of biting my tongue as another one of my pals innocently moves their drink closer. My Merino wool coasters don't leave even a scuff and they're so incredibly cool-looking, I kind of can't get over it. The simplicity, the color schemes, the feel ... they're just perfect. Plus, they don't wrinkle like linen or fray like rope.

I love them so much, in fact, I have since acquired another set for my dining table plus the matching Merino wool placemats. Can you tell I'm obsessed, yet? Do yourself a favor and make the switch. They're for sure my best purchase of the year.



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