Walmart Is Now Selling TikTok's Controversial Pink Sauce

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It seems as if anything and everything can go viral on TikTok — especially in the food space. Last year, quite a few trendy recipes hit our news feeds, including some delicious treats like cowboy caviar and green goddess salad. However, there were a handful of gross food trends that equally piqued our interest, including the viral Pink Sauce. But you don't have to try concocting it for yourself anymore, as Walmart is now selling bottles of the stuff in its grocery aisle.


If you haven't immersed yourself in #foodtok, Pink Sauce is an eye-catching bright condiment composed of ingredients like dragon fruit, honey, chili, sunflower seed oil, and garlic, according to the creator @chef.pii. The sauce received some backlash after users ordered bottles of it from the TikToker and received rancid shipments, along with labels containing incorrect spellings and nutritional information that didn't make sense.

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Even though the issues with the sauce have been resolved, many snackers have been wary to try the product due to its vibrant color. Now, with the recipe perfected and kinks worked out, @chef.pii has partnered with sauce company Dave's Gourmet to bring the condiment to over 4,300 Walmart stores.

Dave's Gourmet addressed the controversy in a press release, mentioning that a lack of knowledge in commercial food production led to the obstacles the TikToker experienced. So, the brand is now handling the responsibilities of supply, food safety, and manufacturing, while @chef.pii sticks to the social promotion of the product. The recipe has also been adjusted to ensure it's safe for consumption and is working under FDA guidelines.


If you want to try this new version of the product yourself — and don't mind if your dipping sauce is the color of bubble gum — you can snag a bottle at a participating Walmart store or online for $9.99 per bottle.



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