This Latte Art Pen Lets You Draw on Your Drinks

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Latte art is its own special kind of craft. If you've ever watched a barista create the most beautiful flower on top of your chai latte, or a heart on your steaming cappuccino, you have also probably gawked at how a design so intricate can take shape with milk. Crafting something so impressive on your own may feel like a bit of a reach, but luckily, TikToker @kami.larae shared a kitchen tool that will take your at-home drinks to the next level — without the learning curve.


The Coffee Art Pen allows users to simply fill up the pen with their favorite spice like cinnamon or cocoa powder, and then cover up the lid. Once everything is secure (trust us, make sure you close the cap tightly as you don't want a mess), you just hold down the button for the spice to streamline out, and you can maneuver the pen to make your design of choice.

Video of the Day


In the video, @kami.larae opts for writing their name in cursive, with what looks to be cinnamon, over a bed of frothy milk. "Sigh, opens Amazon app,‌"‌ wrote one commenter, while another said, "Wow, I never knew I need this until now."

While the gadget isn't a necessity for your morning brew, it certainly makes your hot drinks a bit more fun — and we could all use some more of that. You can grab one of your own, plus one for your coffee-loving friend, from Amazon for $7.99.



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