Parachute Has Launched Its First Collection of Timeless Living Room Furniture

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Now that Parachute has taken over our bedrooms, the brand is coming for our living rooms. Featuring 15 pieces of furniture specifically for the family room, the company's new collection displays a California take on midcentury Danish design. Plus, each piece was designed with sustainability in mind.


Forgoing trendy aesthetics, the Parachute living room collection aims be timeless, so that you won't feel the need to constantly replace your furniture as of-the-moment design styles come and go. In some cases, the furniture is also made to order to further lessen waste. Plus, the line is designed with sustainably sourced wood and 12 fabrics that are free of PFAS, which are also known as "forever chemicals" that are harmful to both humans and the environment.

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"As a brand, we're known for our effortless aesthetic and that is what we wanted this collection to embody," Ariel Kaye, the CEO and founder of Parachute, tells Hunker. "The pieces are timeless with just the right amount of character and signs of life. They're not overly trendy, but each piece is a canvas on which you can build upon your space. You can add and take away as many statement throws, pillows, and other decor items as you'd like, and these pieces will still feel as though they match the aesthetic of the room."


You can shop the entire collection here and check out our favorite pieces below.



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