The 12 Best Quality Furniture Brands to Style Your Home Forever

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Inexpensive furniture may be a godsend of the modern era, but when you start thinking longevity, it loses its appeal. Cheap furniture has a time and a place — maybe money is tight or perhaps you're in a transitional period, not quite ready to spend the big bucks on a dining table you're not sure will fit in your next apartment. But once out of that place or in a position to invest, exploring higher-end furniture stores can become more of a priority.


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When talking about "good" brands and furniture, we're looking for pieces made of quality materials, whether that's memory foam lining in a couch cushion or heavy, sturdy wood for dining tables and bed frames. Oftentimes these pieces will be made to order or crafted in small batches, leading to slightly more expensive prices. But after years of not having to replace your furniture because of poor quality or a trend that came and went, you'll see that those high price points even out after years of owning.


A furniture collection starts with one piece of furniture and builds over time. It's comprised of quality materials and styles that match your taste, not a trend. To help you start furnishing your home in a thoughtful, long-lasting way, we're rounding up our favorite quality furniture companies, where you can get everything from a perfect dining room table or dining set for your traditional home to a modern couch whose cushions won't sink after a few months of use.


The Best 12 Quality Furniture Brands

Started in 1889, Bernhardt Furniture Company is an American and furniture industry staple. One of the largest family-owned furniture companies in the United States, Bernhardt has a legacy of creating quality, American-made furniture, with awards commemorating its design excellence. You can shop nearly everything with this brand, from modern outdoor furniture to traditional but chic bed frames. And to help you design your space, it has crafted easy-to-shop collections. Its collections feature multiple offerings in complementary designs and colors, putting together cohesive spaces from the pieces on its site. Looking for a place to start? The Linea Dresser, made of sturdy, brushed oak, is a favorite.


Another brand with a long history in the furniture market is Hooker Furniture. Founded in 1925, Hooker is a third-generation owned brand that carries a large array of high-quality furniture. Hooker's early (and continued) dedication to not only crafting stylish, but well-made furniture launched it to become a top importer and furniture manufacturer. You can now find something to suit nearly any home style and room at Hooker, as it is constantly updating its lineup to include the latest styles and home trends, while also maintaining a large selection of classic pieces. For something classic but elegant, we love the Arabella dining room table, "crafted of Poplar and Hardwood solids with Maple Veneers."


3. Emeco

During World War II, Emeco was commissioned to create an industrial-style chair that could survive life on a Navy warship. And just like that, the 1006 Navy Chair (from $685) was born. While the original intent was nothing more than a durable seat, Emeco's new director sought to take the chair in other directions, selling to restaurants and hotels. The sleek design and durability made it a favorite amongst furnishers. Since then, Emeco has continued the proud tradition of manufacturing modern and durable furniture in the United States.


Though not quite as historic as some of our previous mentions, Restoration Hardware has grown to be one of the top modern design brands in the world of furnishing. The showrooms allow you to explore both furniture and concepts, seeing how separate pieces — from dining tables to bedroom sets — come together to create cohesive looks. In terms of quality, Restoration Hardware's designers are forward-facing, you know the team and minds behind each piece. You can even request design consultations to get your furnishing process started. As for favorite products, items from its Cloud Collection are top contenders, with the couches offering a level of sink-in comfort you won't find elsewhere.


5. Floyd

Floyd started as a small, United States-based brand selling only a few products to ensure quality. Though it's grown in popularity (and its catalog has grown ever so slightly), its business model has remained the same, favoring that same quality to quantity. The brand's bed frame is one of the most popular items, with a minimalist design. Add on side tables for a complete look. We also love the sectional sofa, which promises to blend in seamlessly with your Scandinavian minimalist decor.


Sometimes things are popular for a reason. Take West Elm for example. The brand is a household name, selling a number of pieces — from dining sets to bed sets — in a variety of styles to meet your specific needs. The catalog is expansive, but despite that large selection, it maintains a high level of quality and design. In addition to creating modern pieces meant to last, the brand ensures ethical working conditions for its designers, and 60% of product sales support sustainability initiatives. The best-selling Brentwood Dining Chair perfectly exemplifies what makes the brand so great, as it's made of solid wood with a walnut veneer finish while still maintaining a sleek, modern design.

Eastvold Furniture is a small Minnesota-based company that prides itself on creating quality pieces that can be passed down from one generation to the next. Because the pieces are made in-house and by hand, you can work with the designers to create custom pieces catered to your space. Many of the pieces are made from sustainable materials, and the clean lines and materials show how the simplicity of modern design inspired the collection's aesthetic, as seen with the Elko Credenza.

Not all high-quality furniture has to be elegant wood-crafted pieces. At Roger and Chris, you'll find luxury sofas that don't scream over the top. The livable designs are meant to fit your lifestyle and home. When you're ready to purchase your couch, you'll pick everything from dimensions to style to upholstery, which will then be crafted in North Carolina. Because each piece is made to order and crafted by the highly-regarded design team, you can rest easy knowing you'll get a sofa that's made to last. Start with the Coach Block Cushion base — a classic leather design promising ultimate comfort — and tailor the specifics to your space.

9. Ciseal

Michigan-based Ciseal was inspired by the Midcentury Modern Architect found throughout its hometown of Detroit. Looking to bring that interior design style as well as old-school quality into the modern day, the team launched Ciseal. You'll primarily find solid wood pieces here, with glossy tops and smooth edges. Though the catalog is far from expansive, the company can provide the perfect final pieces and touches that bring your home together (because you should take pride even in the after-thought pieces). The Traverse Table Lamp, handmade to order, features birch and walnut and takes inspiration from the tart cherry trees found in neighboring Michigan towns.

Niche Modern has "made, not manufactured" its modern lighting and accessories collection in Beacon, New York with love since 2011. Every single luxurious fixture — like Binary Pendant Light — is handblown in its very own Hot Shop and then polished in its Cold Shop. Buying directly from the glassmaker as opposed to a third party ensures that you're getting pieces made of high-quality materials. You know what your light fixture is made of as well as the process that goes into crafting it. While the quality of the products is what drew us to the brand, the story and craftsmanship that goes into each piece are what has made us fans.

Since 1969, Lee Industries has promised earth-friendly manufacturing from its four facilities in North Carolina. At its start, it was crafting wood-framed upholstery pieces. While the style has certainly changed since the brand's beginning, its approach to furniture hasn't. The brand still has a commitment to the environment and favors high-quality, wood-framed pieces to the more easily made, cheap pieces we often see today. The sustainable ethos and commitment to creating high-quality furniture are visible in pieces like the Slipcovered One Arm Sofa.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Revolution Design House believes in the "simplicity of modern design" and "crafting meaningful experiences." The company's offerings include "a wide range of powder coating colors, upholstery options, and wood finishes." Something we love about Revolution Design House is that if you are unable to find a piece that fits your space, whether that be in regards to style or size, the team will work with you to create something that aligns with your wants. A favorite of ours is the 15/40 Coffee Table, which we believe embodies the company's approach to home furnishings, with a uniquely modern design that feels one of a kind.