This Breakfast Vietnamese Pizza Cooks in Less Than 5 Minutes

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Fed up with your boring breakfast routine? You may want to try this quick, easy, and delicious recipe by nutritionist Kylie Sakaida.


In a viral TikTok video, Sakaida (@nutritionbykylie) shares her take on a Vietnamese street food called bánh tráng nướng, or "Vietnamese pizza." It's a crispy rice paper sandwich of sorts, into which any number of ingredients can be stuffed.

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Sakaida's version, of course, is made for breakfast, so the main ingredient is egg.

She starts by placing a piece of rice paper on a hot pan, drizzling on chili oil, and cracking an egg on top. Then, she scrambles the egg on top of the rice paper using chopsticks, allows the egg to cook briefly, and garnishes it with scallions, Kewpie mayonnaise, and Sriracha.


Finally, she folds the rice paper in half like a quesadilla and slices it down the middle, ready to enjoy.

Thanks to the crispy rice paper, there's a satisfying crunch with each bite, and a spicy kick from the chili oil and Sriracha. Plus, the egg provides the protein you need to keep from feeling hungry.


Sakaida makes at least two of these for breakfast, which she says only takes her five minutes total. Not too bad, even on a busy morning!

And don't forget that it's super easy to tweak this recipe to your taste, adding in any filling you desire.



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