The Wait Is Finally Over — Hugget Weighted Pillows Are Back in Stock

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For fans of Bearaby's Hugget pillows, the day has finally arrived. The company, which is known for its chunky-knit weighted blankets, launched these soothing, weighted knot pillows in April this year, but they sold out in only four days. With a "weight-list" of nearly 3,000 people, they're officially back in stock!


Huggets are made from Bearaby's proprietary Melofoam, an entirely biodegradable product comprised of rubber tree sap, and production is zero-waste.

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They come in three sizes. The Small ($29) can fit in the palm of your hand, so it's great for using while sitting at a desk. Squish it like a stress ball or use it to put pressure on reflex zones to relieve stress.

The Medium ($79) is designed to be held in your lap and used like a fidget toy. Play with its loops to give your fingers something to do while you're sitting on the couch.

And the Large ($129) is best for hugging. It's gently weighted at three pounds, which can help release tension if it's held on or around your body, whether as a lap pillow or something to snuggle up to in bed.


The original Hugget came in five colors: white, pink, navy, and two shades of gray, but with this restock, Bearaby is introducing four new limited-edition colors, each of which is a soothing earth tone. Those four colors match the company's Tree Napper, a cooling weighted blanket that comes in 15-pound, 20-pound, and 25-pound weights, if you want to buy a matching set.

If you're interested in the Hugget, you better move quickly, just in case they sell out as fast as they did last time! You can purchase them here.



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