This Marie Kondo-Loved Fashion Label Also Does Bedding

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Our organizational idol, Marie Kondo, has done it all, including her own Netflix Show, a KonMari course, and even a partnership with the Container Store. Aside from her fame and decluttering expertise, the TV personality always seems to be up to date on the best products. You can see for yourself on her website.

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One of the brands KonMari likes to showcase for its loungewear also stocks bedding. Deiji Studios (pronounced day-gee) is all about delivering products that are comfortable, all the way from socks and sleepwear to sheets and duvets. The Australian company is built on standards of environmental and ethical consciousness to create more resilient products.

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While Deiji's linen loungewear is definitely worth checking out, you'll want to take a look at their bedding too. We're linking a few of our favorites below, but you can shop the full collection on the Deiji website. We predict there will be many good sleeps in your future.

1. Pillow Slip Set, Vintage Floral, $90

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2. Pillow Slip Set, Clay Pink, $70

3. Duvet Cover, Cornflower, $315

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4. Sheets, Botanical, $180

5. Duvet Cover, Walnut, $315

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6. Sheets, Botanical Stripe, $195