Pottery Barn Just Launched a New Collection of Accessible Furniture

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Design plays a huge role in the quality of life for those living with disabilities — something that those who are not living with disabilities may not think about on the day-to-day. While modern furniture blueprints have historically been geared towards people without disabilities, more and more companies have been aiming to be inclusive when it comes to the people who are actually using these items. Most recently, Pottery Barn launched a new collection that has made their furniture more accessible.


The new collection, Accessible Home, includes 150 best-selling Pottery Barn pieces that have been adapted to accommodate a range of different disabilities. The team consulted with the Disability Education and Advocacy Network (DEAN), an organization led by people with disabilities who are experts in the fields of inclusive disability education and advocacy, and Lisa Cini of Mosaic Design Studio who is the leading authority on design of senior living environments. They are the largest furniture brand as of now to release a collection with this audience in mind.

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The pieces are both useful and trendy with the goal of creating a comfortable home for everyone. The brand aimed to provide easier access, better mobility, and custom comfort, according to their website. Some pieces include a recliner with a remote-controlled lift system in order to easily get up or down, a wide sink vanity that adjusts to accommodate a wheelchair, and a desk with open storage so everything you may need is in reach. All of the furniture is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


"Pottery Barn welcomes everyone as the first specialty furniture retailer to address the needs of people living with disabilities and those who are aging in place," says Pottery Barn President Marta Benson in a press release. "Our mission is to incorporate accessibility into everything we do — providing beautiful, thoughtful design that makes a home a more comfortable place for everyone."


Now that Pottery Barn has added designs for a consumer market of people with disabilities, this could open the doors for other furniture brands to do the same. There is a lot of learning to be done, but hopefully this initial research into how the home space can be more accessible is the starting point for something even bigger.

You can shop the entire collection on Pottery Barn's website and learn more about how each individual bestseller was altered to make it more accessible. And if you want to learn more about accessible design, these pieces are a great place to start:



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