These New IKEA Bowls Will Make Meal Prep so Much Easier

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Your cooking is only ever as good as your cooking equipment. While appliances like air fryers and slow cookers usually hog the limelight, having reliable bowls on hand is critical to any sort of cooking. A cabinet full of mismatched cereal bowls might get the job done for most meal prep, but thanks to the brilliant minds over at IKEA, now there's an easier way to organize your ingredients — and with less of a mess. Its latest invention is sure to improve your life in ways you didn't even know you needed.


Introducing the new Uppfylld preparation bowls from designers K. Gouriou and W. Chong. They have created a set of three polystyrene bowls with gaps in its sides that allow meal-preppers to easily slide all of their chopped, sliced, and diced ingredients inside.

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Put the bowls on top of your cutting board, or slip the bottom partially underneath so the side opening is flush against the edge of the cutting board. The bowl's bottom is only one millimeter thick at the side opening so it won't affect the stability of your cutting board as you chop. When one of the bowls is full of chopped veggies or meat, easily lift it away from the chopping board and pour the ingredients into your frying pan or dish.


The Uppfylld set features three bowls of three different colors — light green, dark green, and orange. They're seven inches in diameter with a height of two inches, and designed to be stackable to take up less space in your cabinets when stored after use. Plus, like all IKEA offerings, the Uppfylld bowls aren't prohibitively expensive either, marked at just $2.99 for the three pack.

Chopped onions, carrots, and mushrooms, you have officially met your match.