Molly Baz Selected 5 Faves From Her Brand New Crate and Barrel Collection

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Celebrity chef Molly Baz loves entertaining almost as much as she loves whipping up deliciousness in the kitchen. And what better way to honor this passion for cooking, baking, and hosting than a colorful and undeniably-cool serveware, dinnerware, and cookware collection with Crate and Barrel?


Baz and her husband, spatial and furniture designer, Ben Willett, blended their love of 20th-century European design with their modern and easy California lifestyle to create, what the chef refers to as, a "Cal-Ital" collection.

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"The intention behind this line," Baz tells Hunker, "was to bring levity, color, and fun into home kitchens and dining rooms everywhere." This all harkens back to her main goal: taking the stress out of cooking. "I want people to look at their kitchens after a dinner party, see the so-called 'mess' they've created, and then realize that their mess is a beautiful one because they've got only beautiful — yet functional — things hanging around in the sink and on their countertops."

When we asked Baz to select her five must-haves from this collaboration, she earnestly said, "I will try to choose five but please don't tell the others because I really and truly love the collection as a whole." That right there is the sign of a successful launch. With all that in mind, here are her picks:



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