6 Home Decor Items Trending Right Now, According to Designers

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A trendy piece of home decor has the power to transform an entire room while still reflecting your current personal style. Investing in a few of these statement pieces you can use throughout the year is particularly ideal, especially if you don't have the time or budget to embark on an entire room makeover. Who says upgrades have to be complicated?


To help you on your space refresh journey, check out these six home decor items that are trending right now, according to designers.

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1. A Modern Lamp

The right lighting can have a significant impact on a room's aesthetic. "If you're looking for a way to elevate any corner of your home, consider investing in modern lamps," Karen Gutierrez, interior designer at Mackenzie Collier Interiors, tells Hunker. Lamps come in all shapes and sizes, and according to Gutierrez, "they not only add light and style, but can also be used as a focal point in any room."

Karen Gutierrez's pick:Hsyile's Modern-Style Brass Finish Floor Lamp, $58.97

Our pick:CB2's Domes Black Marble Table Lamp, $249

2. Unique Planters

Gutierrez believes a "set of eccentric planters is a perfect statement piece to wow the room." The bonus is that pretty planters can not only be fun to look at, but they're also perfect for adding more greenery to your home.


Karen Gutierrez's pick​: La Jolíe Muse's White Ceramic Flower Pot Garden Planter, $26.99


Our pick:AllModern's Arno Metal Pot Planter, $118

3. Natural Wood Tables

Natural wood is enjoying a resurgence."We are seeing square and round natural wood coffee tables or side tables," says Karen Billman, interior designer at Billman Designs. "This look is easy on the eye and works with many design schemes. For instance, if you have white walls in a living room, you can have a natural wood element to bring in the California vibe of a beach house or a farmhouse design."


"Even the home that has a traditional style is using natural wood tables to update the look, making their space more modern," adds Billman. "The nice thing about natural wood is that you easily clean it; just a damp cloth and you are good to go."

Karen Billman's pick:MyBoutiqueHouse's Walnut Coffee Table, $294


Our pick:Castlery's 59-inch Seb Dining Table, $539

4. Candlesticks and Holders

Utilizing the scent, warmth, and style of candles is a relatively easy way to spruce up a room, especially when you invest in a sleek candlestick holder. "Long candlesticks are especially trendy and are being used in many areas of the home," Karen Lee, a home decor expert and owner of Smart Robotic Home, tells Hunker. "The holders they go into are also trending, as people want more minimalistic candle holders that make the candle itself stand out."



Karen Lee's pick:IKEA's Fulltalig Candlesticks, $14.99

Our pick:Poketo's Glass Candlestick Holder, $28

5. Statement Lampshades

"Pleated and patterned shades play a part in classic and modern design as well as the grandmillennial movement," interior designer Leah Atkins tells Hunker. "They bring a lot of character into a space and really play into a well-curated room. Prices vary widely and they can definitely be on the higher end, but it's often worth it because they are truly pieces of art."


Leah Atkin's pick:Anthropologie's Sutton Rattan Table Lamp, $298

Our pick:Hay's Bonbon Shade, $475

6. Checkered Rugs

Mixing textures and patterns can make an otherwise drab room look lively. An easy way to upgrade this type of space is by adding a checkered rug. "Checkered rugs add graphic power without being an overwhelming pattern in the space," interior designer Rozit Arditi says. "The contrast of color or texture can be minimal or drastic, and that is what is refreshing about the checkered rug — it is a very familiar pattern, but can be used in multiple settings with various materials."


Rozit Arditi's pick:Aelfie's Checkmate Shag Rug (2 by 3 feet), $145

Our pick:Rugs USA's Natural Jute Checkerboard Area Rug (10 by 14 feet), $854.40



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