8 IKEA Products You NEED for Summer

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You can always count on IKEA to stock items that are both functional and affordable. This is especially helpful during the summer months, as the retailer has a knack for releasing amazing seasonal products. To see what we mean, check out the best summer items at IKEA.


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1. Vappeby Bluetooth Speaker Lamp, $64.99

Thanks to this handy mushroom-shaped Bluetooth speaker, you'll be able to enjoy your summer playlist wherever you go. And since Vappeby doubles as an outdoor lamp, the party won't have to stop come nightfall.


2. Splitterny Snack Container, $1.79

Whether you're hiking up a mountain or lounging at the beach, snacks are always a must. Make it easy to pack a treat with this simple container, which features a built-in strainer.


3. Fjällmott Picnic Blanket, $29.99

Summer is prime time for picnics. But instead of sitting on an indoor blanket or towel, opt for a waterproof number instead. This Fjällmott picnic blanket, for example, can be used on damp surfaces and boasts convenient carrying straps.


4. Solig Net, $24.99

Turn your patio into a summer oasis with the Solig net. It's made of breezy, lightweight material that will also protect you from pesky insects.


5. Sommarfläder Cooler Bag, $17.99

Aside from having serious July 4th vibes, this insulated cooler bag is both practical and cute. It will also keep your hands free thanks to the useful shoulder strap.


6. Kåseberga Cool Bamboo Picnic Basket, $34.99

This isn't your typical picnic basket, friends. The interior features a zippered cotton bag, so you can be sure that your drinks and food will stay fresh while you're out and about.


7. Rensare Waterproof Bag, $2.99

Instead of storing dirty clothes or wet swimwear in disposable plastic bags, go for this reusable option instead. It's also useful for protecting your valuables while hanging out by the water.


8. Brommö Outdoor Chaise, $69.99

This summer, make way for maximum relaxation with this stylish outdoor chaise. It's also foldable, which is ideal if you don't have a lot of storage space.


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