IKEA Is Releasing a First-of-Its-Kind Speaker That's Also a Lantern

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You might think of IKEA as a go-to destination for affordable furniture, but did you know it sells some pretty impressive tech, too? The Swedish company has just announced its newest product: Vappeby, the first Bluetooth speaker to use Spotify Tap.


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The mushroom-shaped Vappeby, which comes in navy blue and gray, is designed to be used in outdoor spaces, whether that's your backyard by the pool or at the park for a picnic. It's dust- and splash-resistant, has a battery life of up to 12 hours, ​and​ it doubles as a lantern.

"We see Vappeby as an essential companion for the balcony, in the garden, or wherever it is needed. Sound and light go hand in hand when creating magical everyday moments with friends and family. Two different light modes, long battery life, and good durability will help set a proper mode," Stjepan Begic, product owner at IKEA of Sweden, said in a statement.


As for Spotify Tap, that's a new program by the streaming music giant that enables users to tap a button once on headphones or speakers to resume what they were playing from their Spotify account on another device. If the button is pressed twice, new music suggestions will be generated.


Right now, a few models of headphones come pre-installed with Spotify Tap, but Vappeby is the first speaker with the tech. And if you're not a Spotify user, don't worry — Vappeby works with other music platforms, and you can even store audio files locally.

Vappeby expands upon IKEA's line of Bluetooth speakers, which includes Eneby, a boxy speaker that also comes in a portable version, and Symfonisk, which is disguised as objects like art frames and lamps.

"[Vappeby] is an essential add-on to our Bluetooth speaker range and an important step on IKEA's journey to democratize music for many people. Our primary focus is to increase user experience, lower the thresholds, and make music and light easily accessible," said Begic.

Available in April 2022 both in IKEA stores and online, Vappeby will retail for $64.99.