15 Winter Home Decor Ideas to Cozy Up Your Space Instantly

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When the temperature drops outside, it's definitely time to warm things up inside. While turning on the heat and lighting a fire can do the trick, the colder months are the perfect time to add unique decor touches to create a cozier atmosphere in your home. Make your space a whole seasonal mood with evergreen garlands or even a new plush rug to tie a room together perfectly. Winter whites, forest greens, and ruby reds are all perfect shades to bring on in big and small ways to your interior design for a little holiday flair.


Here are 15 winter home decor ideas to cozy up your space no matter how chilly it is outside.

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Video of the Day

1. Set a cozy vibe with a super shaggy rug.

First things first: There's no better way to make a room feel warmer than adding just the right area rug. Increase the cozy factor by getting one that's a deeper pile or even a Moroccan style with a little shag. Keeping your floor warm underfoot is key during the chillier months. Go neutral like the one seen here from Overstock or go with a bright pattern. Use the new addition to make a bold style statement, because, why not?

Our Pick:Safavieh Moroccan Tassle Rug, from $182.90

2. Add more seating with a winter white pouf.

The holidays are times we tend to have more visitors. So when seating is in short supply around your house, pick up some comfy poufs and boucle chairs where people can plop down wherever, whenever. Choose fabrics like sherpa or boucle in a winter white to add an extra cozy layer to your living room decor.


Our Pick:Ivory Pouf, $129

3. Give your mantel a glow-up with a garland.

Mantels are a great place to add all the winter vibes and then some to your home. You can never go wrong by draping a green garland in pine, eucalyptus, or even magnolia leaves. Add some sprigs of holly and pine cones to the mix and some white lights, and don't forget the stockings. Doing this adds a special focal point to your living space all season long.



Our Pick:Red Cedar Garland, $59.95

4. Store your firewood in something stylish.

If you're lucky enough to have a wood burning fireplace in your home, then you'll definitely want to stock up on plenty of firewood to keep things extra warm inside this winter. Store your logs on something that adds to your decor, like this iron holder we spotted at Target, to add extra rustic charm to your surroundings. There's nothing like the smell of a fire roasting inside while the snow is falling outside.


Our Pick:Threshold Iron Log Holder, $50

5. Place seasonal touches throughout your space.

When it comes to adding winter decor to your home, it's not only about your shared spaces. Bringing evergreen elements into your bedroom like these mini wreaths in a design by The Everygirl means extra charm and then some. Make your own with some rosemary or lavender for aromatherapy or order a set online.


Our Pick:Mini Wreath Set, $41.65

6. Try an accent chair in a rich jewel tone.

If you're in the market for some new pieces of furniture this season, then consider an accent chair in a winter friendly color like this pretty velvet style. Bring color into a room with jewel tones that enhance any neutral setting. It's the perfect spot to dive into a book or plant yourself to watch your favorite holiday movies.



Our Pick:Safavieh Velvet Accent Chair, $426

7. Invest in some Icelandic sheepskin.

Winter textiles, throws, and blankets are excellent ways to up the ante on your winter decor. Another extra cozy and always stylish touch is a sheepskin rug or throw. This versatile Icelandic piece from Lulu and Georgia works over a chair, in front of a fire, or at the end of a bed.


Our Pick:Vale Icelandic Sheepskin, $249

8. Curl up with a cashmere throw.

Treat yourself with a cashmere throw for your sectional or favorite lounge chair. Draping a soft layer like this over your furniture won't only warm things up; it's a timeless piece of luxury that will last. We love this soft gray cable knit from One Quince that will look extra lovely with just about any style of decor.


Our Pick:Cashmere Throw, $139.90

9. Adorn your dining area with holiday accents.

Turn on the charm in your dining area by adding winter touches like greenery and beyond to your chandelier or pendant, to a centerpiece, or even around your windows. All the little touches add up to a big winter feel where you gather for every meal.



Our Pick:Fresh Assorted Eucalyptus Bunch, $78.00

10. Group candles together for extra atmosphere.

Is there any better light than from a candle? Lean into the warm glow of some tapers like these from Urban Outfitters by grouping them on your dining table, the mantel, or even a windowsill. There's something magical about the ambiance candlelight creates. And there's no better time than winter to outfit your home with as many as you want.

Our Pick:Ombre Taper Candle Set, $9

11. Get inspired by Scandi style with a wall hanging.

There's something about Scandinavian decor and winter that just works. The natural materials and winter white touches feel ultra cozy instantly. Adding a wall-hanging like this woven look to your space will ignite that hygge energy in your home no matter how chilly it is outside.

Our Pick:Feather and Fringe Wall Hanging, $47

12. Adorn your windows with some dramatic velvet curtains.

There's no rule that says you can't switch out your window treatments according to the season. While spring and summer call for lighter and more transparent looks, winter feels like the right time to hang some deep green velvet curtains from Anthropologie to make things a whole dreamy mood. A bold move like this will make your whole space feel winter ready in a snap.


Our Pick:Addie Velvet Curtain, from $108

13. Send out positive vibes with some house plants.

For some reason, many equate house plants with warmer months, but the good news is they can grow inside year round. Adding live greenery like this warms up any room instantly. Grouping pots in various shapes and sizes is an excellent way to elevate your decor. Plus, having these lovely forms of life in your home, especially when the weather is dreary, will definitely help increase the positive vibes in your household.

Our Pick:Fiddle Leaf Fig, $99.95

14. Warm up your bed with a boho quilt.

Colder temps mean you need more layers while you sleep. A soft and cozy quilt in rich hues like this one from Urban Outfitters is the perfect addition to any winter bed. Or get one to have on hand when you want to curl up on the couch for a long winter's nap.

Our Pick:Alina Tufted Quilt, $389

15. Winterize your sofa with some seasonal throw pillows.

Perk up those sofas and chairs with some cheery throw pillows in the shades of the season. Plaids in rich reds and greens are the perfect way to prep your living room for the holidays and easy to store when you're ready for the warmer months. Pottery Barn has lots of soft cushions in all shapes and sizes that work on beds and benches too. Make it even easier and purchase covers only to pop over what you already have.

Our Pick:Plaid Pillow Cover, $55