The Best Budget-Friendly Holiday Buys from Target for Your First Apartment

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Moving into your first apartment is a gigantic leap into adulthood. You're figuring out what your tastes are, where you stand on the design spectrum (minimalist or maximalist?), and, this time of year, how to navigate holiday decor—all with a budget to adhere to.


But pulling back the reigns on spending doesn't mean you have to totally sacrifice or settle for stuff you don't actually love. Instead, we hand-picked classic, first-apartment-optimized holiday pieces that you and your wallet will feel excited about.

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Where else are you going to place your gift-swap scores other than under this two-foot, pre-lit tree? It fits into any apartment (no matter how small, promise) while adding the back-at-home feels.

Give your living room a boost by adding a throw blanket that isn't too themed so it's good to go all winter long. Pick from red, white, plaid, or stripes—whatever floats your couch—and you'll be set all season.

Keep amping up your holiday coziness with this simple throw pillow to offset the burst of color. And since this is a cable knit pillow, it'll feel like snuggling up with your oldest, most beloved chunky sweater.


As soon as your WiFi is up and running full blast, start streaming your favorite holiday flicks with this Alexa-controlled remote and a glass of wine in hand until you've burned through all the classics.

Speaking of wine, your cabinets are a bit bare if you're making yourself comfy in a new abode, so go ahead and get cheeky with these tumblers that are sure to light up any casual hang or fam gathering.


Hang up this plush cable knit stocking and go ahead and encourage every guest at your house-warming-slash-holiday-party to throw in a little something special for the host. Bonus points: It matches your throw pillow and is classic enough to last through the years.

New apartment, new so-cheesy-it's-cool sweater—that's the rule. Why? Because first apartments are made for not taking yourself too seriously (and for hosting ugly sweater parties).



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