12 Must-Have Gifts for the Cocktail Lover

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Do you have a friend who can whip up a stellar mixed drink at a moment's notice? (Lucky you.) Or maybe you know someone who's looking to learn more about mixology in the new year, or someone who just really enjoys a good cocktail.


Regardless of their reasons, we can all agree that the best cocktails are made with top-shelf ingredients and tools, which is why we teamed up with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE®— the flavorful, versatile gin that elevates any cocktail—to curate the ultimate cocktail lover's gift guide.

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Image Credit: Paul Anderson for Hunker

Scroll down to see the soiree-ready gifts that will enable them to craft a delicious drink that completely fits the mood — whether that's a bustling holiday party, an impromptu hang-out, or a soothing night of solo time.

Image Credit: Paul Anderson for Hunker

1. Bombay Sapphire (750 ml bottle), $22.99


Naturally, the anchor of gifting this cocktail kit is Bombay Sapphire. Not just because the all-natural and 100% sustainably sourced botanicals taste delightful and are so unique they invite creativity into the mixology process, but also because the distinctive blue bottle looks stunning on any bar cart.

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2. Crate & Barrel Ridgecrest Gin Goblet, $6


True cocktail connoisseurs know the best way to imbibe a Bombay & Tonic is via a balloon glass (and if you didn't know, now you and the lucky recipient of this gift have a fun fact to share at cocktail parties).


Image Credit: Viski

3. Viski Metal Wine Charms, $17


A good set of drink charms is a staple in any amateur mixologist's toolkit, and this festive bunch gets folks in the mood for the countdown to midnight.

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4. Porter Metal Straws (set of four), $18


Top off that stellar sip with a metal straw to bring a touch of sustainability to the imbibing experience.

Image Credit: Flask & Field

5. Flask & Field Muddler Spoon, $16


A regular spoon might do the trick, but since the name of the game here is leveling up the cocktail experience, add a brass muddling spoon for stirring their concoctions into their gift.


Image Credit: Williams Sonoma

6. Williams Sonoma Citrus Glass Bowls, $50 (set of four)


A bold set of glass bowls cleverly holds drink garnishes or savory snacks.

Image Credit: DRAM

7. DRAM Wild Mountain Sage Bitters and Citrus Bitters, $18


The cocktail lover always has a bevy of aromatic bitters to choose from, so help them expand their collection with either a fragrant orange peel and or a wild sage infusion (or both!).

Image Credit: The Mini Bar

8. The Mini Bar Cocktail Recipe Book Collection, $20


For the person who's new to DIY cocktails (or anyone who could use a little creativity or inspiration boost), this recipe book provides over 100 cocktail recipes to either riff off of or recreate exactly.


Image Credit: Anthropologie

9. Anthropologie Elephant Planter, $34

A gilded plant vessel adds an extra element of flair to any bar cart or prep space.

Image Credit: La Double J

10. La Double J Cocktail Napkins, $45 (set of four)

Linen napkins with a cheeky print serve up drinks in style.

Image Credit: Dardimans

11. Dardimans Blood Orange Crisp, $2

Top off that dazzling Bombay & Tonic with a twist of dried orange — because garnishes automatically make any cocktail feel fancier.

Image Credit: We're Not Really Strangers

12. We're Not Really Strangers Game, $25

What's a happy hour without fun conversation? This card game sparks laughs and storytelling.



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