This One Ingredient Will Change How You Drink Rosé

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Thanks to the crisp and fresh flavor of rosé, the sparkling wine works well in myriad types of drinks. We're talking lemonade, mimosas, and fruity sangria concoctions. But if you're looking to make a fun rosé drink without an actual recipe, you might want to grab a few jalapeños and call it a day.


As it turns out, rosé tastes amazing with sliced jalapeños. So much so that the beverage — known as "spicy rosé" — is currently trending on TikTok. According to fans, the spiciness of the jalapeño pepper reduces the intense sweetness of rosé, but doesn't make the drink overwhelmingly hot.

Video of the Day

Now, rosé with jalapeño slices isn't exactly new, but many people thank TikToker @allyssainthekitchen for sharing the drink on social media. The creator, who is known for her innovative cocktail and drink recipes, first posted the drink back in April.

Needless to say, her followers were all about it. "I can't drink my rose any other way now! This is perfection," said one person. "I had this at a small cantina by me and have never drank rose any other way," commented another TikTok user.


In fact, Amie Wine Studio — a wine bar in London — recently added spicy rosé to its menu for a week. That's how you know the viral summer drink is good.

How to make spicy rosé:

To make spicy rosé, simply add three or four slices of jalapeños to your favorite rosé. Most people drink it immediately, but you can let it sit for several minutes to let the wine soak up the peppers' juices.


On that note, use caution when cutting jalapeños. Avoid getting the juices on your fingers, and most importantly, wash your hands with soap and water before touching your eyes or face. The juices can really sting! Another option is to wear gloves when cutting jalapeño peppers.



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