11 Satisfying Bar Keepers Friend Before-and-After Cleaning Hacks

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Whether or not you like to clean, you can't deny how satisfying it is to look at something that's been scrubbed new. This is especially true when it involves cult-favorite cleaning brands, like Bar Keepers Friend. The brand, which has been around since 1882, is known for producing cleansers that can remove the toughest stains and rust. So much so that people use Bar Keepers Friend products to clean stovetops, dishes, sinks, and bathtubs — just to name a few.


Video of the Day

If you're new to Bar Keepers Friend, or if you're simply looking for motivation to clean, check out the images below. These before-and-after photos using Bar Keepers Friend will surely inspire you to try the product and get cleaning ASAP.

1. Glass Bakeware

There's nothing like baked-on grime to ruin the look of your glass bakeware. But as this amazing before-and-after shows, it's nothing Bar Keepers Friend can't handle.

2. Sink Stains

If you're looking for motivation to clean your sink, check out this before-and-after photo. Bar Keepers Friend was used to remove grime, stains, and leftover residue along the bottom of the sink.

3. Stainless Steel Fixtures

Refresh stainless steel fixtures throughout your home with Bar Keepers Friend. The product used in this photo is the brand's Soft Cleanser, which is designed to remove tarnish, rust, lime, and other stains. Yes, please!

4. Gardening Tools

As it turns out, Bar Keepers Friend is also a gardener's friend. The cleanser can be used to remove rust from various tools, such as these gardening shears. It sure beats tossing and buying new tools every spring.


5. Stovetop

As a high-traffic area, the stovetop could always use a good cleaning. Luckily, Bar Keepers Friend can easily revive your stovetop, as proven by this before-and-after photo.

6. Vintage Metal Kitchenware

Bring those vintage finds back to life with Bar Keepers Friend. As this satisfying before-and-after photo shows, the cleanser can be used to remove tarnish from metal cups. So good.

7. Vintage Glassware

On that note, Bar Keepers Friend can also be used to revive vintage glass cups. This is especially useful if you're a fan of buying unique kitchen pieces from flea markets and thrift stores.

8. Burnt Pots

Burnt pots are notoriously difficult to clean. But thankfully, Bar Keepers Friend can come to the rescue. Just take a look at this mesmerizing before-and-after shot.


9. Scratched Plates

Save your plates with Bar Keepers Friend. The cleanser can remove scratches, which are technically residue from metals, according to a commenter in this gratifying TikTok video.

10. Rusted Metal Spatulas

Bar Keepers Friend can also help remove rust and grime from your beloved kitchen tools, including metal spatulas. This will keep your utensils looking good as new.

11. Rusted Showers

Of course, we had to save the worst (or best?) one for last. In this photo, Bar Keepers Friend was used to clean a shower coated in hard water and rust. Honestly, it's almost hard to believe that it's the same shower stall.


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